March 6, 1659, Weimar, Germany.

Ju­ly 11, 1725, Weimar, Germany.

Jacobsfriedhof, Weimar, Germany.

Salomo was the son of Jakob Franck, financial secretary at Weimar.

He probably studied at Jena, and seems thereafter to have held some appointment at Zwickau. In 1689 he became secretary of the Schwarzburg ducal administration at Arnstadt, and in 1697 of the Saxon administration and of the consistory at Jena. In 1702, he was appointed secretary of the consistory, librarian, and curator of the ducal collection of coins and medals at Weimar.

He was a member of the Fruitbearing Society, and wrote a considerable number of secular poems. A diligent worker, he bore severe family afflictions; meditations on death are in many of his hymns. Author of about 330 hymns, his works in­clude:

  1. Ach Gott verlass mich nicht
  2. Ach was ist doch unsre Zeit
    • Oh! What Is Human Life Below
  3. Gott, du Licht, das ewig bleibet
  4. Heil’ger Tisch! Den Jesus decket
    • This Holy Feast, by Jesus Spread
  5. Ich halte Gott in allem stille
    • I Leave All Things to God’s Direction
  6. Ich weiss, es kann mir nichts geschehen
  7. Ich weiss es wird mein Ende komme
    • I Know My End Must Surely Come
    • I Know the Doom That Must Befall Me
  8. Mein Gott, wie bist du so verbgorgen
  9. So ruhest du, o meine Ruh
  10. So schlummerst du in stiller Ruh
  11. Zur Grabesruh entschliefest du

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