Early 20th Century
  1. After the Trials of Life Are All O’er
  2. Are You Firmly Built
  3. Blessed Savior, Now Receive Us
  4. Christ Is King of Gloryland
  5. Christ Is the Door
  6. Come and Sit at Jesus’ Feet
  7. Come, View the Cross Where Jesus Died
  8. Coming Again, the Time’s Drawing Nigh
  9. Hand in Hand We Journey
  10. Harvest Is Wasting, My Brother, The
  11. Hear the Master Gently Calling
  12. I Am Never Lonely, I Am Never Sad
  13. I Am on Life’s Troubled Sea
  14. I Am Waiting for the Message
  15. I Love to Sing of Jesus
  16. I Wonder if Beyond This Vale
  17. In a Land of Strangers
  18. In Mounts of Danger and of Straits
  19. In Spirit I Stand by the Beautiful Sea
  20. In That Glorious City Bright and Fair
  21. Is There Nothing I Can Do
  22. Jesus, Blessed Jesus, Lead Me On, I Pray
  23. Just Beyond the Dark River
  24. Let the Lord Be Praised, O Zion
  25. Let Us Keep the Step Together
  26. Lift Your Voices, Now, in Praise
  27. Light of the Glorious Gospel Is Shining Today, The
  28. Lo the Golden Harvest Waving o’er the Plain
  29. Love of Christ Fills My Soul with Song, The
  30. My Soul Was Enwrapt in the Shadows of Night
  31. O I Have a Loving Story I Would Tell
  32. O I Long to Behold the Splendor of the City
  33. O I Love to Tell the Story
  34. O It Is a Joyful Thing
  35. O to Be with Loved Ones
  36. Oft My Soul’s in Wild Commotion
  37. Oft Times My Pathway Seems
  38. Often My Soul in Its Sweet Meditation
  39. On Life’s Ocean Where the Billows
  40. Our Darling, Thou Art Gone Away
  41. Out on Life’s Ocean, Tossed by the Billows
  42. Pilgrims, and We’re Marching Home
  43. Savior in Tender Compassion Invites You, The
  44. So Tenderly Jesus Entreats You
  45. Sweet and Peaceful Be Thy Slumber
  46. There Is a Home, a Beautiful Mansion
  47. There Is a Land Though Far Away
  48. There’s a City Far Away
  49. Though the Way Be e’er So Lonely
  50. ’Tis Harvest Time, and the Reapers
  51. ’Tis Wonderful to Think How Jesus Came
  52. Walking in the Steps of My Blessed Lord
  53. We Are Slowly Drifting
  54. We Shall Know Him
  55. When I Come to Cross
  56. When the Angel of the Lord Declares
  57. While Traveling Through This Lonely
  58. Will My Spirit at the Dawning
  59. With Raptured Voices Let Us Sing