1734, near Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

December 14, 1799, Horsley, Gloucestershire, England.

Shortwood, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.

Francis was baptized at age 15, and began preaching at 19. He studied at the Bristol Baptist College, and began his ministry at Sodbury. In 1737, he moved to Horsley (later known as Shortwood), Gloucestershire. He conducted a successful ministry there until his death in 1799. He contributed several hymns to Rippon’s Selections, and wrote a number of others in Welsh. His works include:

  1. Arglwydd grasol, clyw fy nghri—a’m griddfanau
  2. Be Thy Kingdom, Lord, Promoted
  3. Before Thy Throne, Eternal King
  4. Clod i’r bendigeg Oen—a oddefodd
  5. Deffro ’nghalon, deffro ’nghân—i ddyrchafu
  6. Glory to the Eternal King
  7. Great King of Glory, Come
  8. Great King of Zion, Now Arise
  9. Gwyn fyd y dyn a gred yn Nuw
  10. In Sweet Exalted Strains
  11. My Gracious Redeemer I Love
  12. O King of Glory, Come
  13. Our Head Is One
  14. Pa Feddwl, Pa ’Madrodd, Paddawn
  15. Praise the Savior, All Ye Nations
    • With My Substance I Will Honor
  16. See How Beauteous on the Mountains
  17. Wele gadarn sylfaen Sion
  18. While the Heralds of Salvation
  19. Ye Objects of Grace and Enjoyments of Time