August 1, 1760, Bradford, Yorkshire, England.

April 12, 1835, Ockbrook, Derbyshire, England.

Foster was educated with the Moravians at Fulneck, Yorkshire, and at the Moravian College in Barby, Prussian Saxony. Ordained a Moravian minister, he served as a pastor, and in 1818, was made a bishop. He edited the 1801 Moravian Hymn Book and its 1808 Supplement.

  1. Christian Hearts in Love United
  2. God Reveals His Presence
  3. God, Who Art Love
  4. How Good It Is, How Pleasant to Behold
  5. How Sweet to Wake at Early Morn
  6. How Sweetly This Our Brother Sleeps
  7. If Father, Mother, Children, Wife
  8. In Humble, Grateful Lays
  9. Jesus, All Our Souls Inspire
  10. Jesus, Hear Our Fervent Prayer
  11. Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice
  12. Join to Render Thanks and Praises
  13. Lord, Who Didst Sanctify
  14. May Jesus’ Grace and Blessing
  15. Most Holy Lord, Mankind’s Creator
  16. My Redeemer Knoweth Me
  17. My Savior, That I Without Thee
  18. My Yoke, Saith Christ, upon You Take
  19. None e’er Shall Be Ashamed
  20. Now to the Lamb upon the Throne
  21. O Happy Days, Marked with Perfect Blessing
  22. O Lord, Lift Up Thy Countenance
  23. O Thou God of Our Salvation
  24. O Thou Whose Human Life for Us
  25. On Thy Ransomed Congregation
  26. Praise the Lord
  27. Seraphim of God Exalt Their Voices Loud, The
  28. Should Our Minds, to Earthly Objects Cleaving
  29. Since We, Though Unworthy, Through Electing
  30. They Who Hunger After Christ
  31. This Day Is Holy to the Lord
  32. Those Souls Are Truly Blessed
  33. ’Tis Finished! Jesus Cries
  34. To God We Render Praise
  35. To the Soul That Seeks Him
  36. To Thee Our Vows with Sweet Accord
  37. With Thanks Before the Lord Appear
  1. Christian Hearts, in Love United
  2. God Himself Is with Us
  3. God, Your Glorious Presence
  4. Holy Lord, Holy Lord
  5. Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice
  6. Make My Calling and Election
  7. Springs of Salvation, The

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