Early 20th Century
  1. All My Sins Are Washed Away
  2. Call to Service Still Is Clearly Ringing, The
  3. Behold the Lord of all
  4. Forward Go, Forward Go in the Master’s Name
  5. God’s Own Son for Sin Was Slain
  6. Hail, Wonderful King
  7. Hear the Happy Shout of Triumph
  8. How I Love the Great Redeemer
  9. Jesus’ Love Grows Sweeter
  10. Keep Your Heart-Bells Ringing
  11. Let Happy Songs of Joy Abound
  12. Many Are the Trials
  13. Onward, Bearers of the Light
  14. When We Awake Beyond the Rolling River
  1. I Am Happy
  2. I’m Going over Yonder
  3. Is It You?
  4. Jesus the Hope of the World
  5. Life Beyond, The
  6. O Mighty Lord, Stay By!
  7. One Day Nearer Heaven
  8. Savior, Be Thou My Shepherd
  9. What Would Jesus Do?
  10. Whole World for Jesus, The