June 19, 1834, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, England.

October 18, 1903, Nebraska.

Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City, Nebraska.

Forscutt joined the Mormon (LDS) Church as a 19-year-old in 1853, causing his father to disown him and make him move out of his childhood home. From 1855-60, Forscutt was a missionary for the LDS Church in England.

In March 1860, he married Elizabeth Unsworth; on their wedding day, he and his wife began their move to Utah, intending to join the LDS gathering in Salt Lake City. Upon arriving, he became a secretary to Brigham Young, president of the LDS Church. Shortly after his arrival, Forscutt began to learn about the LDS practice of plural marriage, which he had not been aware of previously. This discovery, combined with other disagreements with Brigham Young, led Forscutt to leave the LDS Church. He became affiliated with a group led by Joseph Morris; he was an apostle in the Morrisite organization and was involved in the 1861 Morrisite War. After these incidents, Forscutt joined the United States Army unit at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City and was stationed in Ruby Valley (now Nevada) before returning to Salt Lake City.

In 1865, Forscutt joined the Reformed LDS (RLDS) Church in Salt Lake City. He soon left the territory, fearing for his life as an apostate from the LDS Church. Forscutt became a close personal friend of Joseph Smith III, and later served as a full-time missionary for the RLDS Church in England and the Society Islands. He was a copyist in the process that led to the 1866 publication of the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible in 1866. Forscutt composed a number of hymns and edited Saints’ Harmony, an RLDS hymnal published in 1889.

  1. Almighty God, These Candidates
  2. Angel Voices Sing, Hallelujah
  3. Answer My Soul, Wilt Thou Confess?
  4. Art Thou Worn with Care and Trouble?
  5. As Death Its Victims Shall Resign
  6. Assembled Here, O Gracious Lord
  7. Baptized into Thy Death, O Lord
  8. Behind the Western Hills
  9. Blest Privilege to Mortals Given
  10. Boast On, Proud Lucifer
  11. Bow, Ye Mortals, Bow Before Him
  12. Break Now the Seal
  13. Bring Forth the Prisoners to the Bar
  14. By Thy Spirit’s Presence Stirred
  15. Cheerful the Summer Hours
  16. Christ Hath Drank Deep of the Cup
  17. Confirmation, Lord, We Thank Thee
  18. Creator of the Heavens and Earth
  19. Doubt Like Tempest Clouds May Lower
  20. Every Cloud That Carries Water
  21. Faithful and Just Is He
  22. From the Courts of Heavenly Glory
  23. God, in His Abundant Mercy
  24. Grant This Candidate Thy Blessing
  25. Hark, ’Tis the Voice of Jesus
  26. Heavenly Father, We Adore Thee
  27. Heralds, Cry Aloud, and Suffer
  28. Home, Sweet Home, My Heart Still Loves Thee
  29. Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna
  30. How Pleasant o’er the Earth’s Fair Form
  31. Humble Though Our Bethel Be
  32. Icebound Earth Is Breaking, The
  33. In Eden’s Bowers, with Good Surrounded
  34. In Peace Shall Judah Dwell
  35. In the Midst of Tribulation
  36. Jesus Our Sorrows Bore
  37. Judah Shall Gather Home
  38. Justice Demands That My Life Shall Be
  39. Justice Must Come Though It Linger
  40. Kindred Once Parted Meet Again
  41. Labor Were Futile Here
  42. Law of the Gospel Is Perfect, The
  43. Let Zion Arise
  44. Light of Day Breaks Mildly Forth, The
  45. Lord Hath Favored Israel, The
  46. Lord Will Remember His People, The
  47. Man May Believe on Evidence
  48. Met in Thy Sacred Name
  49. Met, Lord, to Dedicate
  50. O Lord, How Mighty Are Our Foes
  51. Only Faith That I Desire, The
  52. Our Offering, Lord, Accept
  53. Peace, My Soul, an Angel Guide
  54. Praise the Lord with Songs of Gladness
  55. Quench No Flame of Pure Affection
  56. Quickly Marshal All Thy Sons
  57. Redeemed by the Blood of the Savior
  58. Repentance Brings Grief for Sins We Have Done
  59. Secure From Harm and Danger
  60. Sere and Yellow Leaves Appear, The
  61. Shadows of Night Departed, The
  62. Shall Vain Man Secure God’s Favor
  63. Signs in the Pestilence
  64. Sorrows of Childhood, the Follies of Youth, The
  65. Sovereign Grace, Ere Man Had Fallen
  66. Speed on Your Journey
  67. These Signs Shall Follow Who Believe
  68. They Come From Beyond the Northern Seas
  69. Though Clouds of Sickness Dim Thy Sky
  70. Though Grievous and Dark Is the Night
  71. Though Satan Will Be Bound
  72. Truth Is Mighty, Who Can Stay It
  73. Under the Canopy of Heaven
  74. Under the Savior’s Reign
  75. Upon the Throne in Majesty
  76. Upon This Theme My Mind Would Dwell
  77. We Dedicate to Thee This House We Have
  78. When Bridegroom and Bride at This Altar
  79. When Grief the Saints Oppress
  80. When the Bright Sun of Prosperity Shineth
  81. When the Great Teacher of Mankind
  82. When the Heart Is Sad and Weary
  83. While Afflicted, Tossed, and Driven
  84. With Face, in Prayer, Bow Down
  85. Winter Winds Have Circled Round, The
  86. Zion’s Light Again Is Dawning

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