July 23, 1836, Green­ville, New York.

June 5, 1910, New York Ci­ty.

Vale Cem­e­te­ry, Sche­nec­ta­dy, New York.

Stephen was the son of Si­las Earle Ford and Aman­da Hed­den. He mar­ried twice, to Ma­ry Abrams (1858) and Jen­nie Sam­son (1876).

He wrote sev­er­al bat­tle hymns during the Am­er­i­can ci­vil war which were sung by Un­ion sol­diers. He was a par­tner in a shirt and collar mak­ing com­pa­ny, Ide & Ford, in Troy, New York (1865–72)

In his lat­er years, he was known as an au­thor, ed­it­or, com­pos­er and cri­tic. He was liv­ing in Sche­nec­ta­dy, New York, in 1908. His works in­clude:

  1. And Now We Leave
  2. Beyond This Vale of Sorrow
  3. Christ Is Born, Christ Is Born
  4. Christ, the Lord Is Born
  5. Come, Join Our Army, O Fall into Line
  6. Day of Rejoicing
  7. Dear Lord, May We Heed and Obey
  8. Do You Think That Holy Angels
  9. Far and Near the Bells
  10. Fear Not, O Troubled Soul, Nor Yield
  11. Gladly We Hail This Festal Day
  12. Glory to the Father
  13. Guide Me, Blessed Savior
  14. Hail, Holy Morn, Whose Early Ray
  15. Hail, Holy Night, Illumed Afar
  16. Happy Are We as We Gather Today
  17. Hear Thou My Prayer in Heaven
  18. Hear Us as We Pray, O Lord
  19. Home at Last in the Dear Fatherland
  20. Hosanna in the Highest, the Little Children Sang
  21. Hosanna to Jesus We Joyfully Sing
  22. How I Wish That We Could
  23. I Am but a Little Child
  24. I Am Young, but I Can Do
  25. I Love the Flowers
  26. I Seek for a City
  27. I Wonder if Children in Glory
  28. If the World No Joy
  29. I’m Glad That Jesus Came
  30. I’m Happy All the Day
  31. Is Thy Soul with Sin
  32. Jesus Bids Us Follow
  33. Jesus Is Tenderly Caring
  34. Jesus, Loving Savior
  35. Jesus My Savior Is
  36. Jesus, O Blessed Name
  37. Jesus Tells Me in the Bible
  38. Joy and Gladness I Have
  39. Kind Shepherd of the Sheep
  40. Lambs of Jesus’ Fold, The
  41. Lift Me Higher
  42. Little Hearts to Worship Jesus
  43. Little Ones Are We
  44. Little Ones Hosannas Sing
  45. Little Ones the Savior Sought
  46. Master Is Come, The
  47. My Heart O’erflows
  48. O the Boundless Love
  49. On This Glad Jubilee
  50. One of the Little Ones
  51. Rejoice and Be Glad, Ye Children
  52. Savior Is Calling, O Sinner, for Thee, The
  53. Soldiers of Christ, a Holy Cause Defending
  54. Soldiers of the Cross
  55. There Is Joy in Bethlehem
  56. There Is Work for All
  57. Tinkling, Tinkling
  58. Toiling in Vain
  59. Wait on the Lord
  60. Water of Life a Clear Crystal River, The
  61. We Are Little Soldiers
  62. We Are Soldiers in the Army of Jehovah
  63. We Are Soldiers of the Cross
  64. When Jesus Was Born
  65. When the Tempest Fierce
  66. Why Not I?
  1. Save, Save One
  2. Who Came Down from Heaven?

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