1830, Bath, England.

A graduate of London University (BA 1856), Ford worked as a tutor in Camborne, Cornwall, then as a master at Basset Villa Classical School in Camborne from 1863 to around 1892.

In 1862, Ford contributed several poetical pieces to Lyra Anglicana, by Robert Baynes, in 1865 to Baynes’ English Lyrics, and also to the Illustrated Book of Sacred Poetry. His own works include:

  1. Father, for Thy Kindest Word
  2. Lord, from This Time We Cry to Thee
  3. O Hadst Thou Known, in This Thy Day
  4. O Thou, by Whom the Balm Is Borne
  5. This Is My Body Which Is Given for You
  1. Cross of Christ, The
  2. Seven Words on the Cross, The