August 15, 1787, Boston, Massachusetts.

January 26, 1860, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Cabot, Elizabeth in her early life contributed various pieces of prose and poetry to newspapers and magazines. In 1828 married Karl Theodor Christian (Charles) Follen, a German poet who moved to America in 1824, and who died on the steamer Lexington, which burned and sank in Long Island Sound, January 13, 1840. Her works include:

  1. All Things Beautiful and Fair
  2. Go Forth, My Heart, and Seek the Bliss
  3. God, Thou Art Good!
  4. Great Source of Being, Father All-Seeing!
  5. Hark, the Little Birds are Singing
  6. How Sweet to Be Allowed to Pray
  7. How Sweet upon This Sacred Day
  8. In the Beauty of Holiness Worship the Lord
  9. It Is the Gentle Evening Hour
  10. On Prayer
  11. Praise to God, Oh Let us Raise
  12. This Is the Sabbath Day
  13. To Whom Shall We Go?
  14. We Never Part from Thee
  15. Will God, Who Made the Earth and Sea