1. Down Deep in My Heart
  2. Down, Down, Down, Down, Down Came the Walls
  3. Even the Wind
  4. God Made the Day
  5. God So Loved the World
  6. He Is Our Shepherd
  7. He Will Forgive You
  8. I Know He’ll Watch over Me
  9. I Will Trust and Not Be Afraid
  10. It’s a Good Thing to Sing
  11. Jesus Lives Today
  12. Some Day, Some Day Soon
  13. Speak Ye of Everyone the Truth
  14. Star, a Star Is Shining in the Sky, A
  15. Teach Me Thy Way, Dear Lord
  16. We’re His People
  17. When I Reach the Glory Land
  18. When I See a Rainbow
  19. You Help Me, and I’ll Help You
  20. You’B be Glad, Glad, Glad