June 1, 1849, Cincinnati, Ohio.

February 8, 1936, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Son of a Disciples of Christ minister, Fillmore began supporting his family at age 16 by running his father’s singing school, after his father’s death. In 1874, he and his brothers founded the Fillmore Brothers Music House in Cincinnati, Ohio. He composed a number of hymn tunes, anthems, and cantatas. Frederick Fillmore was his brother. James collaborated with Jessie Pounds for some 30 years. His works include:

  1. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  1. All the World for Jesus
  2. Are You Witnessing for Him?
  3. As We Go Marching Home
  4. Beautiful Garden of Prayer, The
  5. Cahokia Mounds
  6. Cheerful Giving
  7. Congo
  8. Damaris
  9. Eastcote
  10. Fair Lilies We Bring You
  11. Gathering
  12. Glory in the Highest
  13. He Lives
  14. I Am Resolved
  15. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
  16. In His Rude Manger-Bed Sleeping
  17. Just over the River
  18. Kingdom over Yonder, The
  19. Kingdom Shall Stand, The
  20. Kodambakkam
  21. Lord’s Good Time Is Coming, The
  22. Marching to the Land Above
  23. Modesto
  24. Only Waiting
  25. Place in the Ranks for Me, A
  26. Pontevedra
  27. Praise God for His Word
  28. Proclaim the Tidings
  29. Purer in Heart, O God
  30. Rajasthan
  31. Resurrection Day, The
  32. Ring the Christmas Bells Again
  33. Tell It Today
  34. Victory May Depend on You, The
  35. We Are Going Down the Valley
  36. We’ll Be There