1850, Carlow, County Carlow, Ireland.

June 8, 1932.

Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, California.

In 1886, Manie and her husband Theodore Pollock Ferguson founded a mission in Los Angeles, California. This eventually expanded into what was known as the Peniel missions along the West Coast of America, and in Africa, Asia, South America, and elsewhere. The main focus of the missions, especially in later years, was ministry to single women. In 1947, the Peniel Mission became a part of the World Gospel Mission. In 1998, the West Coast USA Peniel Missions experienced a significant change when the majority of Peniel missionaries resigned and went to work for City Team Ministries, leaving the Peniel Mission in Stockton, California, the remaining American Peniel Mission affiliated with the World Gospel Mission.

Manie’s works include:

  1. Blessed Quietness
  2. Christ in the Storm
  3. Heaven of Heavens and Mountains Hoary
  4. I Love the Lovely Will of God
  5. I Wandered Far from God and Home
  6. Jesus Saves Me, This I Know
  7. Jesus, Thou Hast Bid Me Live
  8. Like the Lilies Toiling Not
  9. Love of God, This Shoreless Sea, The
  10. My Spirit Bows Before Thee
  11. O What Shall It Profit Thee?
  12. Sheltered in the Rock of Ages
  13. That Man of Calvary
  14. Thine Iniquity Swells Like the Tide
  15. Thy Transgressions Roll On
  16. What a Wonderful God
  17. Write, Blessed Are the Dead