April 9, 1860, West Park, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.

June 22, 1929, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England.

All Saints, Branksome Park (near Poole), Dorsetshire, England.

Ellen was the daughter of Sir Henry Fowler, and granddaughter of Wesleyan minister Joseph Fowler, and granddaughter of George Thorneycroft, first mayor of Wolverhampton. Her father, Henry Hartley Fowler, a solicitor, was a councillor and mayor, became a Member of Parliament in 1880, and later the first Lord Wolverhampton. Her sister, Edith Henrietta Fowler, was a novelist.

In 1903, Ellen married A. L. Felkin, Senior Assistant to the Master of Eltham College, London. They moved to Westbourne, Bournemouth, in 1916.

Felkin’s works include:

  1. Now the Year Is Crowned with Blessing