February 5, 1867, Richland, Iowa.

September 2, 1932, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Oak Hill Cemetery, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.


John was the son of William George Fearis and Rebecca Jane Kopp. His father was a successful singing school teacher, and a painter by trade. At a young age, John learned to read music in his father’s classes. He was passionately fond of music, and, taking lessons on the reed organ, he was soon able to play in Sunday school and church. Later he took charge of the church choir, and taught singing classes in nearby towns. He wrote his first hymn tune at age 16. He eventually joined the editorial staff of the Choir Leader, published by the Lorenz Publishing Company in Dayton, Ohio. His works include:

  1. Brightly Beams Another Morning
  2. Children’s Day
  3. Show Me the Way, My Shepherd
  4. What Comfort to Our Hearts
  5. What Wonderful Love Is the Love
  1. Be Thou Exalted
  2. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
  3. God Is Love (Woodruff)
  4. God May Call for You
  5. Kinshasa
  6. Little Raindrops
  7. Promise Made to Mother, The
  8. Someone Will Climb
  9. Songs in the Night
  10. Show Me the Way, My Shepherd
  11. There’s Light for a Step
  12. Wherever He Leads Me I’ll Go