Born: June 1, 1887, Tim­bo, Ar­kans­as.

Died: Ap­ril 15, 1956, Car­mi­chael, Ca­li­for­nia.

Buried: Sa­lem Ce­me­te­ry, Den­nard, Ar­kan­sas.

Farris was the on­ly child of wi­dow­er James Mar­i­on Far­ris and wi­dow Re­bec­ca Car­o­line Cy­pert.

At age five he al­most burned to death on East­er Sun­day when he stood too close to the fire­place and his clothes ig­nit­ed. His face was the on­ly part of his body not bad­ly burned.

  1. After All Trou­bles and Sor­rows
  2. As I Go Along, Prais­ing
  3. As We Tra­vel on the Gos­pel High­way
  4. Bible Tells Me of Hea­ven­ly Man­sions
  5. Bible Tells of Trou­ble, We See
  6. Christ Is Sav­ing Ma­ny Sin­ners
  7. God Loves That Sweet Rose
  8. Hallelujah, Hal­le­lu­jah, Praise Him Who Died
  9. I Am Mov­ing On­ward
  10. I Am on the Road to Glo­ry
  11. I Am Think­ing To­day of That Ci­ty
  12. I Am Walk­ing and Talk­ing with Je­sus
  13. I Can Tell You the Time
  14. I Have Read of a Ci­ty
  15. I Have the Love of Je­sus
  16. I Oft­en Sing for Those I Love
  17. I’ll Tell You a Grand Old Sto­ry
  18. I’m Fol­low­ing Je­sus Wher­ev­er I Go
  19. I’m Glo­ry Land Bound
  20. I’m Hap­py Tra­vel­ing
  21. I’m Look­ing Ahead
  22. I’m Mov­ing on the Shin­ing Way
  23. I’m on My Way to a Beau­ti­ful Land
  24. I’m on My Way to Glo­ry Land
  25. I’m Press­ing on the Glo­ry Land Way
  26. I’m Sing­ing a Song While Go­ing Along
  27. I’m So Glad That Jesus Came My Way
  28. I’m Think­ing Now of Hea­ven
  29. In Yon­der Bright Ci­ty I’ll Live
  30. I’ve Started for Hea­ven
  31. Jesus Came Down From Hea­ven Above
  32. Just a Few More Days to Work
  33. Mother’s Gone to Be with the Dear Sav­ior
  34. On the Re­sur­rec­tion Morn­ing
  35. Praise the Lord, I’m on My Jour­ney
  36. Since Je­sus Came and Washed My Sins Away
  37. Sing On, Dear Friends
  38. Singing, Prais­ing His Great Name
  39. Some Day I’ll Leave This World Be­low
  40. There Is a Hap­py Band Sing­ing in Glo­ry Land
  41. There Is a Home Not Far Away
  42. There Is a Land of End­less Song
  43. There Is Joy Down in My Soul
  44. There’s an Or­der Ring­ing Out
  45. Time Is Swift­ly Pass­ing as We Jour­ney
  46. Time Is Swift­ly Pass­ing On
  47. Time on Earth Will Soon Be Ov­er
  48. Waiting for My Lord
  49. Walking Dai­ly with My Bless­ed Lord
  50. When I Come to the End of Life’s Jour­ney
  51. When I Leave This World
  52. When I Meet My Sav­ior Face to Face
  53. When My Work Is Ov­er I Will Sing
  54. When the Cares of Life Are Past
  55. When the Great Judg­ment Day Draws Near
  56. When Trou­bles Ov­er­take You and Your Heart Is Sad
  57. While Tra­vel­ing Through This World of Sor­row
  58. While You Are Walk­ing on the Path­way of Love
  1. Sinner, Come to Je­sus

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