June 1, 1887, Timbo, Arkansas.

April 15, 1956, Carmichael, California.

Salem Cemetery, Dennard, Arkansas.

Farris was the only child of widower James Marion Farris and widow Rebecca Caroline Cypert. At age five Farris almost burned to death on Easter Sunday when he stood too close to the fireplace and his clothes ignited. His face waas the only part of his body not badly burned.
  1. After All Troubles and Sorrows
  2. As I Go Along, Praising
  3. As We Travel on the Gospel Highway
  4. Bible Tells Me of Heavenly Mansions
  5. Bible Tells of Trouble, We See
  6. Christ Is Saving Many Sinners
  7. God Loves That Sweet Rose
  8. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise Him Who Died
  9. I Am Moving Onward
  10. I Am on the Road to Glory
  11. I Am Thinking Today of That City
  12. I Am Walking and Talking with Jesus
  13. I Can Tell You the Time
  14. I Have Read of a City
  15. I Have the Love of Jesus
  16. I Often Sing for Those I Love
  17. I’ll Tell You a Grand Old Story
  18. I’m Following Jesus Wherever I Go
  19. I’m Glory Land Bound
  20. I’m Happy Traveling
  21. I’m Looking Ahead
  22. I’m Moving on the Shining Way
  23. I’m on My Way to a Beautiful Land
  24. I’m on My Way to Glory Land
  25. I’m Pressing on the Glory Land Way
  26. I’m Singing a Song While Going Along
  27. I’m So Glad That Jesus Came My Way
  28. I’m Thinking Now of Heaven
  29. In Yonder Bright City I’ll Live
  30. I’ve Started for Heaven
  31. Jesus Came Down From Heaven Above
  32. Just a Few More Days to Work
  33. Mother’s Gone to Be with the Dear Savior
  34. On the Resurrection Morning
  35. Praise the Lord, I’m on My Journey
  36. Since Jesus Came and Washed My Sins Away
  37. Sing On, Dear Friends
  38. Singing, Praising His Great Name
  39. Some Day I’ll Leave This World Below
  40. There Is a Happy Band Singing in Glory Land
  41. There Is a Home Not Far Away
  42. There Is a Land of Endless Song
  43. There Is Joy Down in My Soul
  44. There’s an Order Ringing Out
  45. Time Is Swiftly Passing as We Journey
  46. Time Is Swiftly Passing On
  47. Time on Earth Will Soon Be Over
  48. Waiting for My Lord
  49. Walking Daily with My Blessed Lord
  50. When I Come to the End of Life’s Journey
  51. When I Leave This World
  52. When I Meet My Savior Face to Face
  53. When My Work Is Over I Will Sing
  54. When the Cares of Life Are Past
  55. When the Great Judgment Day Draws Near
  56. When Troubles Overtake You and Your Heart Is Sad
  57. While Traveling Through This World of Sorrow
  58. While You Are Walking on the Pathway of Love
  1. Sinner, Come to Jesus

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