November 22, 1672, Langenreinsdorf, Crimmitschau, Zwickau, Saxony.

1723, Newburgh, New York.

Falckner was the fourth son of Daniel Falckner, Lutheran pastor at Langenreinsdorf. He entered the University of Halle in 1693, as a theology student under August Francke. After completing his studies, though, he decided the ministry was not for him.

With his brother Daniel, who had just returned from America, he accepted, in Rotterdam, a power of attorney for the sale of William Penn’s lands in Pennsylvania. In 1701, 10,000 acres of Penn’s lands were sold to Provost Andreas Rudman and other Swedes living on Manatawny Creek.

His association with Rudman made Falckner reconsider the ministry, and he was ordained on November 24, 1703, in the Swedish Church of Wicacoa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, making him the first Lutheran pastor ordained in America. His first assignment was pastoral oversight of Dutch settlers on the Manatawny, near New Hanover; but shortly afterward Rudman assigned him to be pastor of Lutheran congregations in New York and Albany. Falckner’s works include:

  1. Auf! ihr Christen, Christi Glieder