June 28, 1814, Calverley vicarage, West Yorkshire, England.

September 26, 1863, Brompton, Kensington, Middlesex, England.

Oratory House, Rednal, Birmingham, England.

Son of an Anglican clergyman, Faber graduated from Balliol College, Oxford, was ordained an Anglican minister, and became Rector of Elton in 1843. Three years later, he switched to Roman Catholicism and founded the Brotherhood of St. Philip Neri, in King William Street, Strand. He later moved to the Brompton Oratory. Faber published a number of prose works, and three volumes of hymns. It was in Jesus and Mary that many of his best hymns first appeared; in its preface, Faber wrote:

It was natural that an English son of St. Philip should feel the want of a collection of English Catholic hymns fitted for singing. The few in the Garden of the Soul were all that were at hand, and, of course, they were not numerous enough to furnish the requisite variety. As to translations they do not express Saxon thoughts and feelings, and consequently the poor do not seem to take to them. The domestic wants of the Oratory, too, kept alive the feeling that something of the sort was needed; though at the same time the Author’s ignorance of music appeared in some measure to disqualify him for the work of supplying the defect. Eleven, however, of the hymns were written, most of them, for particular tunes and on particular occasions, and became very popular with a country congregation. They were afterwards printed for the schools at St. Wilfrid’s, and the very numerous applications to the printer for them seemed to show that, in spite of very glaring literary defects, such as careless grammar or slipshod metre, people were anxious to have Catholic hymns of any sort. The MS. of the present volume was submitted to a musical friend, who replied that certain verses of all or nearly all the hymns would do for singing; and this encouragement has led to the publication of this volume.

  1. All Hail! Dear Conqueror! All Hail!
  2. Blood Is the Price of Heaven
  3. By the Archangel’s Word of Love
  4. Dear God of Orphans, Hear Our Prayer
  5. Dear Jesus, Ever at My Side
  6. Dear Little One!
  7. Exceeding Sorrowful to Death
  8. Faith of Our Fathers
  9. Fountain of Love!
  10. From Pain to Pain, from Woe to Woe
  11. Hark! Hark, My Soul!
  12. Have Mercy on Us, God Most High
  13. Holy Ghost, Come Down upon Thy Children
  14. I Wish to Have No Wishes Left
  15. I Worship Thee, Sweet Will of God
  16. Jesu, Gentlest Savior
  17. Jesus Is God!
  18. Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All!
  19. My God! My God! And Can It Be
  20. My God, How Wonderful Thou Art
  21. No Track Is on the Sunny Sky
  22. Now Are the Days of Humblest Prayer
  23. O Come and Mourn with Me
  24. O Come to the Merciful Savior
  25. O Faith! Thou Workest Miracles
  26. O Gift of Gifts!
  27. O God, Thy Power Is Wonderful
  28. O How the Thought of God Attracts
  29. O Jesus, Jesus
  30. O Paradise!
  31. O Soul of Jesus, Sick to Death
  32. Oh! Come to the Merciful Savior
  33. Pilgrims of the Night, The
  34. Right Must Win, The
  35. Sleep, Sleep My Beautiful Babe
  36. Souls of Men! Why Will Ye Scatter?
  37. Sweet Savior, Bless Us Ere We Go
  38. Thy Home Is with the Humble, Lord
  39. True Shepherd, The
  40. Was There Ever Kindest Shepherd?
  41. Why Is Thy Face So Lit with Smiles?