Oc­to­ber 14, 1825, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Au­gust 17, 1911, Li­ma­ville, Ohio.

Reeds­burg Ce­me­te­ry, Reeds­burg, Ohio.

Joshua was the hus­band of Em­i­ly O. Hess, and fa­ther of Ed­win Excell.

Joshua was a vet­er­an of the Am­er­i­can ci­vil war, and a Ger­man Re­formed Church pas­tor.

  1. Art Thou Sad and Lone?
  2. Art Thou Sad and Wea­ry?
  3. Beautiful City a Man­sion
  4. Beautiful Morn­ing, Day of Hope
  5. Behold, Be­hold the Son
  6. Brother, See the World
  7. Come, Ye Child­ren, Come
  8. Delightful Home
  9. Go Forth, Go Forth with Will­ing Heart
  10. Go to the Grave of the Bur­ied
  11. Hanging On a Curs­ed Tree
  12. Hear the Bless­ed Mas­ter
  13. Holy Fa­ther, I Am Wea­ry
  14. How Brief Is Our Life
  15. I Am a Sheep
  16. I Am Anx­ious­ly Wait­ing
  17. I Am Trust­ing in the Lord
  18. I Give My­self to Je­sus
  19. I Heard a Ten­der Lov­ing
  20. I Heard a Voice, a Ten­der
  21. I Will Go to the Foun­tain
  22. I Will Watch and Wait
  23. If We Would but Help
  24. I’m Com­ing, My Sav­ior
  25. I’m Trust­ing Alone
  26. I’m Washed in the Blood
  27. I’ve Oft­en Been by Care Op­pressed
  28. Jesus, Lamb of Cal­va­ry
  29. Leave Me Not, O Bless­ed Sav­ior
  30. Lord Is My Shep­herd, The
  31. My Earth­ly Race Is Al­most Run
  32. O Be Rea­dy
  33. O Christ, Eter­nal Son
  34. O Christ, Thou Art Our Trus­ty
  35. O Come to the Foun­tain
  36. O Fear Not the Rage
  37. O Hast­en, My Bro­ther
  38. O Je­sus, Lamb of God
  39. O Light of Life
  40. O, My Breth­ren
  41. O the Peace That I Pos­sess
  42. O Thou Bless­ed Lamb
  43. O Thou Ev­er­last­ing God
  44. O Would You Be a Sol­dier?
  45. Often I’ve Ob­tained a Bless­ing
  46. Once I Was in Deep­est Blind­ness
  47. Savior of Sin­ners, The
  48. Sing, All Ye Child­ren, Sing
  49. Sleep, Lit­tle Babe
  50. Spirit of Je­sus Will Guide, The
  51. There Is a Path That Leads
  52. There Is Light
  53. There Is Rest in the Wounds
  54. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Home
  55. Thou Child of Dust
  56. Though the Waves Are Break­ing
  57. Unto Him Who Hath Loved
  58. Weary of Self
  59. We’re a Hap­py Pil­grim Band
  60. What Is This That’s o’er Me?
  1. Maryland Heights

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