De­cem­ber 13, 1851, Un­ion­town, Ohio.

June 10, 1921, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois. He was on an ev­an­gel­ism tour with Gyp­sy Smith at the time of his death.

Oak Woods Ce­me­te­ry, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.


Edwin was the son of Jo­shua J. Ex­cell, a Ger­man Re­formed Church pas­tor, and Em­i­ly O. Hess, and hus­band of Eli­za Jane Bell (mar­ried 1871).

He start­ed his work­ing life as a brick­lay­er and plas­ter­er. His love of mu­sic called, though, and he went to Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, to stu­dy un­der George Root.

Ex­cell went on to found sing­ing schools at var­i­ous lo­ca­tions in Am­er­i­ca, and to ex­pand in­to the re­li­gious field, work­ing with ev­ang­el­ist Sam Jones for two dec­ades.

Ex­cell worked at a mu­sic pub­lish­ing house in Chi­ca­go, and wrote ov­er 2,000 Gos­pel songs.

His works in­clude:

  1. By Faith the Lamb of God I See
  2. Come to the Sav­ior
  3. Grace, Enough for Me
  4. Hear the Sav­ior Sweet­ly Saying
  5. Hear You Not the Voice of Je­sus?
  6. Hiding
  7. His Love Is All I Need
  8. I Am Hap­py in Him
  9. I Need Thee, Gra­cious One
  10. I Was Out on the Ocean Sail­ing
  11. In Look­ing Through My Tears One Day
  12. In Vain I’ve Tried a Thou­sand Ways
  13. Jesus In­vit­ed Me to Come un­to Him
  14. Jesus Is a Friend of Mine
  15. Jesus Is Wait­ing to Save
  16. Keep Me at the Foot of the Cross
  17. Knocking, Knock­ing with Pierced Hands
  18. Little Bit of Love, A
  19. Love of Je­sus, Who Can Tell, The
  20. I’ve Washed My Robes
  21. My Soul Is So Happy in Je­sus
  22. O Make Me Pure
  23. Praise His Ho­ly Name
  24. Praise Ye the Fa­ther
  25. See Je­ho­vah’s Ban­ner Furled
  26. Since I Have Been Re­deemed
  27. To Thee, Our Own, Our Native Land
  28. We Shall Stand Be­fore the King
  29. We’re Go­ing Home, We’ll Soon Be There
  30. What Will You Do?
  31. Will You Be Washed in the Blood?
  32. Will You Meet Me?
  1. Book Divine
  2. Count Your Bless­ings
  3. Escondido
  4. Everybody May Know
  5. Freehold
  6. Gifts of God, The
  7. God’s Ho­ly Book
  8. Golden Shore, The
  9. Good Old-Fa­shioned Way, The
  10. Heaven’s Har­bor
  11. His Glo­ry Fills My Soul
  12. His Love Can Ne­ver Fail
  13. Hope Set Be­fore You, The
  14. I Come to Thee
  15. I Do, Don’t You?
  16. I Saw One Hang­ing on a Tree
  17. I Will Fol­low Thee
  18. Iconium
  19. I’ll Be a Sun­beam
  20. In the Sha­dow of His Wings
  21. Jesus Bids Us Shine
  22. Let Him In
  23. Never Lose Sight of Je­sus
  24. Offering, The
  25. Sarasota
  26. Saratoga
  27. Scatter Sun­shine
  28. SomeOne Who Knows
  29. Spend One Hour with Je­sus
  30. That Old, Old Sto­ry Is True
  31. That Sweet Sto­ry
  32. ’Tis for You and Me
  33. What Would Je­sus Do?
  34. Why I Love Je­sus
  35. Will Your Heart Ring True?
  36. Your Best Friend Is Al­ways Near