Jan­u­a­ry 4, 1841, Taun­ton, Som­er­set, Eng­land.

June 19, 1926, Up­hill, Som­er­set, Eng­land.

Grace, Peace, Ever­more (from his initials).

After a stint as a printer’s apprentice, Ew­ens became a reporter and compositor for The Mer­cu­ry in Cleve­don, Som­er­set.

He later went into the rail­road­ing field, working for the Great Western Rail­road in Pad­ding­ton, then for the Mex­i­can Rail­way.

He may have gained some Span­ish language experience at the Mex­i­can Railvway: he subsequently traveled to Ven­e­zue­la for the South Am­er­i­can Mis­sion­a­ry So­ci­ety. Upon his re­turn to Bri­tain, he began a print­ing bus­i­ness.

He joined the Sal­va­tion Ar­my (SA) after a meeting in London’s West­bourne Park, and eventually became secretary to the corps in Not­ting Hill.

In 1880, he became editor of the SA War Cry. In 1886, he was assigned the SA’s Dev­on Di­vi­sion, and he founded several SA corps in Dev­on and West Som­ers­et.

In 1895, he was transferred to Gi­bral­tar. His final move was to the Chief of Staff’s office at the SA In­ter­na­tion­al Head­quar­ters, serving there until he retired.

  1. Beneath the Cross