October 5, 1862, Deerfield, Indiana.

May 19, 1899, Dalton, Georgia.

Ruth was the daughter of Dr. Tho­mas Hearn and Nan­cy A. Cur­tis, and wife of Lou­is M. Evil­siz­er.

She had many of her songs credited to Adalyn (her middle name).

  1. As the Evening Shadows Lengthen
  2. As the Sunlight Beaming o’er Me
  3. Believe and Thou Shalt Be Saved
  4. Beyond the Mists of Time’s Dull Shore
  5. Blessed Jesus, I Am Weary
  6. Child, in Thy Youth’s Fair Morning
  7. Christ Is Near Me
  8. Claim My Poor Heart, Dear Savior
  9. Close to the Savior, Near to the Cross
  10. Come, Little One, with Your Evening Prayer
  11. Come, Ye Happy Children
  12. Dear Brother, the Savior Is Calling
  13. For My Sins Jesus Bowed His Head
  14. Gather in the Morning
  15. He Is Calling Today, Sinner
  16. His Mercies Are Untold
  17. I Am Bound for the Land of Beulah
  18. I Am Bound for the Land of Corn and Wine
  19. I Am but a Pilgrim, and a Stranger Here
  20. I Am Redeemed, I’ll Shout
  21. I Am Resting in His Love
  22. I Am Trusting in My Savior
  23. I Am Walking with the Savior
  24. I Do Not Ask That Always
  25. I Go Rejoicing Every Day
  26. I Was Weak in Sin and a Wanderer
  27. I’m So Happy in the Light of God
  28. In the Morning of Joy
  29. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  30. Lead Me in the Way, Father
  31. Life Broadens Before You
  32. Lo, a Poor and Needy Sinner
  33. Lonely and Sad of Heart Now
  34. Looking to Thee, My Savior
  35. Lord, I Come to Thee, Believing
  36. O Come to Jesus, Sinner, Come
  37. O Praise the Lord, We’re Going Home
  38. O the Bells of Time Are Chiming Softly
  39. O the Home of the Soul, in My Dreaming
  40. O the Precious Love of Jesus
  41. O the Sun Shines in Glory Above Me
  42. O Why Do Wait, the Hour Is Growing Late
  43. O’er the Borders of Time
  44. On to the Morning Land
  45. Praise Him, Praise Him, Let All Nations
  46. Resting in Jesus’ Arms
  47. Roses, Red Roses, Are Blooming So Fair
  48. Sailing, We’re Sailing Away o’er the Sea
  49. Savior, We Come to Thee in Our Humility
  50. Sing Praises to God
  51. Spread the Gospel News Around the World
  52. Tender Heart of Jesus
  53. The Fields Lay Whitening in the Sun
  54. The Lord Has Filled My Heart
  55. The Lord Is My Shepherd
  56. The Master Is Come
  57. The Time of the Harvest Is Nigh
  58. There Are Angels Hovering Ever Near
  59. There Is a Beautiful Highway of Light
  60. There Is Perfect Peace and Pardon
  61. There’s a Beautiful Land Where the Sun Ever Shines
  62. There’s a Fountain Full
  63. There’s a Fountain of Life
  64. There’s a Home Forever Blest
  65. There’s a Home of Beauty
  66. There’s a Land Bright and Vernal
  67. There’s a Land Sacred Story
  68. There’s a Light That Is Shining
  69. There’s a Message Full of Promise
  70. There’s Balm for Hearts That Ache
  71. This Is Not My Abiding Place
  72. Though I Sometimes Gaze
  73. Though the Night Be Long and Drear
  74. Through the Mists and Tears
  75. ’Tis Sweet to Obey, and Walk
  76. Walking with the Savior
  77. We Are Happy Children
  78. We Are Marching on Through Trials
  79. We Are Sailing on an Ocean Homeward Bound
  80. We Are Singing Songs for Jesus
  81. We Gladly Meet in Our Sabbath Home
  82. We Love to Meet in the Sunday School
  83. Weary Child, Why Faint and Falter
  84. What Wilt Thou Have Me Do
  85. When Dangers Assail Me and Hedge Me About
  86. When I Come to Christ in Prayer
  87. When the Path Grows Rough
  88. When the Son of Man Is Seated
  89. Where Dwellest Thou
  90. Where Dwellest Thou
  91. While the Days Are Gliding Swift
  92. Who’s on the Lord’s Side
  93. With Staff in Hand We Tread
  94. Ye Wandering Sinners, Far from Home