November 25, 1836, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

October 18, 1906, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Orphaned at an early age, Everett lived with an uncle who was a tavern keeper. He began a lifelong railroad career as a water boy on the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1851. Three months later, he became an indentured apprentice to William Hicock of Harrisburg to learn the machinist trade. In 1855, he rejoined the Pennsylvania Railroad as a wiper of engines, hoping to eventually become an engineer. He was promoted to fireman in 1857, and engineer in 1863. In 1864 he became a third assistant engineer in the United States Navy, but left after a short time due to ill health. He returned to the Pennsylvania Railroad once more, serving as an engineer until he was elected a Grand Officer of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in July 1865.

Everett was deeply involved with church work, and belonged to the Methodist denomination. He was also a lover of poetry, and wrote many poems, publishing a large collection in book form.

  1. Come Join Us in Our Happy Song
  2. I Have Started for Canaan
  3. In the Hollow of His Hand
  4. O Come, Believe on Jesus

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