September 1828, Virginia.

September 1875, Nashville, Tennessee.

Everett originally planned to be a doctor, but went into music instead. He studied in Boston, Massachusetts, and Leipzig, Germany. He wrote many Gospel songs, and edited The Sceptre (New York: Biglow & Main).

Asa’s brothers were composers Benjamin and Leonard Everett. Asa and Leonard organized a musical instruction system in Richmond, Virginia, in the 1850’s; by 1861, they had 50 teachers and singing schools representing them and using their publications.

  1. Alberta
  2. Alvord
  3. Beyond This Land of Parting
  4. Bryan
  5. Dupuytren
  6. Footprints of Jesus
  7. Hark, the Gentle Voice
  8. Ionia
  9. Loved One, Farewell
  10. Magnificence
  11. Newcastle
  12. Richmond
  13. There’s a Fountain Free
  14. Vesper Hymn