April 15, 1785.

December 1, 1849, Stonehaven, Scotland.

Evans’ father was a priest-vicar of Salisbury Cathedral. James was educated at Wadham College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1803, and became a Fellow in 1805. Taking Holy Orders in 1808, remained in the Church of England until 1815, when he became a Baptist minister. He was pastor of the John Street Baptist Church, Gray’s Inn Road, London, for many years. Evans contributed to Carus Wilson’s Friendly Visitor of 1827 and later under the pseudonym Alix. His son published Evans’ Memoirs and Remains in 1852. His other works include:

  1. As Sinners Saved We Gladly Praise
  2. Faint Not, Christian!
  3. Change Is Our Portion Here
  4. Rejoice, Ye Saints, Rejoice and Praise