April 10 1862, North Plains, Michigan.

November 26, 1945, Takoma Park, Maryland.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Ovid, Michigan.


Evans’ parents were William Risely Evans and Ruth Ann Locke Evans. Converted as a youth and baptized at age 12, he was educated at Battle Creek College. He entered the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) ministry in Michigan as a licentiate in 1882, and taught school in the winter. He moved to Kentucky in 1885, and was ordained the following year. He was elected president of the SDA Michigan Conference in 1891. He held that post until 1897, when he was elected president of the SDA General Conference Association and member of the General Conference Committee.

In 1899, Evans became president of the SDA Mission Board, and in 1901 president and general manager of the Review and Herald. In 1903 he became treasurer of the General Conference. The next year he moved to Takoma Park, Maryland, where the offices of the General Conference and Review and Herald had relocated.

Evans married twice, to Emma S. Ferry (1887) and Adelaide Bee Cooper (1904). Adelaide was editor of The Youth’s Instructor at the time of their marriage. The two them went on to play a significant role in the SDA missionary work in China and the Far East. In 1909, Evans became president of the Asiatic Division mission field, a job he held until 1913, when he became president of the North American Division. In 1918, he became vice-president of the General Conference, presiding over the Far Eastern Division. He held that post until 1930, when he and his wife returned to America. After that, he served as general vice-president of the General Conference, then field secretary until retiring in 1941. His works include:

  1. Welcome, Day of Sweet Repose