May 16, 1867, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Son of Augustus and Catherine Esenwein, Berg was a minister. He married Caroline Miller in 1889 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. His works include:

  1. Ascending Lord, The
  2. Child’s Prayer, A
  3. Christmas Bells
  4. Earth Is the Lord’s, The
  5. Hail the Royal Victor
  6. Holy Spirit, Most Divine
  7. Hushed Lay the Sleeping Earth
  8. In the Secret of Thy Presence
  9. Jesus, Thou Lord Ascended
  10. Lowly the Manger Stands by the Inn
  11. Marching Onward
  12. On Guard
  13. Sunday School Chimes
  14. Sweet Home in Heaven
  15. Tenderly Lead Me, Shepherd of Souls
  16. We Are Warriors for Jesus