January 2, 1820, New York City.

December 19, 1888, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Errett’s parents were converts of Alexander Campbell of the Stone-Campbell Movement. Isaac became a Disciples of Christ preacher in 1840, and served pastorates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; New Lisbon, Warren, and North Bloomfield, Ohio; Detroit, Muir, and Ionia, Michigan; and Chicago, Illinois.

He worked with Alexander Campbell on the Millennial Harbinger, and in 1866 began publication of The Christian Standard in Cleveland, Ohio. He was elected president of Alliance College, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania in 1868, but soon resigned, and established himself in Cincinnati, where he continued publication of the Christian Standard, which became the foremost weekly periodical of his church.

Errett received an LLD degree from Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1886. He served as corresponding secretary (1853–56) and president (1867–70) of the Ohio Christian Missionary Society; and corresponding secretary (1857–60) and president (1874–76) of the General Christian Missionary Society. He also helped organize the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions and served as the first president of the Foreign Christian Missionary Society (1875–86).

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