March 20, 1914, Booneville, Arkansas.

June 14, 2002, Dallas, Texas.

Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple, Texas.

Epps lived in Muskogee, Oklahoma, 1923-45. He studied at West Texas University in Canyon, Texas, and the Hartford School of Music in Arkansas. He studied voice under W. W. Combs, and was associated with L. O. Sanderson in Music Normals starting in 1945. He taught in music camps at Lubbock Christian College and the Firm Foundation Music Camp; at the Camp Hensel Music School at Travis Peak, Texas, for over 25 years, and directed singing in meetings with Gospel preachers such as Jimmy Allen, Mack Lyon, George Benson, John Bannister, and Willard Collins. In 1945, he began serving as a minister, educational director and song leader in Waxahachie, Texas. He went on to serve for over 20 years at churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, eventually moving to Lake Charles, Louisiana; Temple, Texas, around 1982; and Lewisville, Texas, in 2001.

  1. Enter into the Fold
  2. God’s Mercy and Love
  3. It’s Real I Know
  4. He Knows and Cares
  5. When We See the King
  1. I Want to See Heaven