Circa 307, Nisibis, northern Mesopotamia.

June 373, Edessa.

One of the best known fathers of the Syrian church, Ephraim was a theologian, poet, and hymnist. Having first been a pupil of James, bishop of Nisibis, he finished his education at Edessa, where he chiefly lived the rest of his life. He visited Basil at Cappadocia, and was ordained by him to the office of deacon. Ephraim was a voluminous writer of commentaries, expository sermons, hymns, and metrical homilies.

  1. Bkúlhún rámshé
  2. Lók théshbúkthó
  3. O’ár’d phárdáysó
  4. Mór ló’th kímnáy hám bíshé
  5. Qabbel, Mâran, bâ’ûth kullan

Ephraim’s burial place