Circa 473-521

Circa 473, Arles, France.

Church of St. Michael, Pavia, Italy.

Ennodius was connected with several Romans of distinction. Losing his property at an early age through the invasion of the Visigoths, he went to Milan, Italy, where he was received and educated by an aunt. In 489, through the death of his aunt, he was again reduced to destitution, but soon revived his fortunes by marrying a wealthy lady.

A recovery from a dangerous illness led him to reflect on his somewhat dissolute character, and to change his whole life. His wife retired to a convent, and he was ordained a deacon by the bishop of Pavia. Under Pope Hermisdas, he was advanced to the see of Pavia around 51, and was employed two important missions to the Emperor Anastasius in order to oppose the spread of the Eutychian heresy; but in both instances he was unsuccessful.

Ennodius’ works, eleven in all, were published amongst the Auctores Orthodoxographici (Basel, Switzerland, 1591); again by Andrew Shott (Tournai: 1611); and in Migne, Volume LXIII.

  1. Christe lumen perpetum
    • O Christ, the Eternal Light
  2. Christe Precamur Annus
    • To Thee, O Christ, We Ever Pray