May 21, 1790, Geneva, Switzerland.

April 23, 1853, Plainpalais, Geneva, Switzerland.

Henri was the son of accountant Antoine Empaytaz and Isaline Miroglio, and husband of Elisabeth-Jeanne-Henriette Trembley.

After Napoleon Bonaparte’s downfall in 1814, Empaytaz was one of many disillusioned with the ideals of the French Revolution. In his view the Church in Geneva had lost its way and the divinity of Christ was being rejected. He became a leading member of Le Réveil (The Awakening), joining pastoralists César Malan, Émile Guers, Ami Bost and others who wanted to return to Biblical truth. He served as pastor of the independent Église de Bourg-de-Four (1818–39) and the Église de la Pélisserie (1839–53).

Empaytaz’ works include:

  1. Gloire Soit au Rédempteur
  2. Jésus! Mon Fort et Mon Rocher

Empaytaz’ burial place