Late 19th Century

We have little data on Emmons, except that he was a minister. It seems likely he is Amzi Babbitt Emmons (1846-1882), a pastor buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Chester, New Jersey. This cemetery is also the resting place of Alonzo Abbey, who wrote the music for Emmons’ He Will Lead Me Home.

  1. Are They Talking of Closing?
  2. Are You Waiting?
  3. Children Are Coming, The
  4. Dark Clouds Come o’er Me
  5. He Will Lead Me Home
  6. Hear, O Hear the Blessed Story
  7. Here Again
  8. I Am Glad That I’ve Heard About Jesus
  9. I Cannot See, I Only Trust
  10. Journey of Life We Are Going as Pilgrims, The
  11. O the Savior Is Calling Today
  12. O Why Should We Wander from God?
  13. Of All the Thoughts That Cheer My Soul
  14. Suffer the Children to Come unto Me
  15. Sweet Bible Songs Are Best
  16. Sweet, Blessed Story
  17. ’Tis a Sweet, Blessed Story
  18. We Meet to Hail the Christmas
  19. You Are Fighting a Battle