Late 19th Century
  1. After the Likeness of Jesus
  2. Almost Thy Feet Have Pressed
  3. Amid the Swelling Chorus
  4. Anywhere, My Savior, Lead My Willing Feet
  5. Anywhere, O Lord with Thee
  6. At the Feet of Jesus Bending
  7. At the Lightest Touch of Morn
  8. At the Savior’s Bidding
  9. Awake, for the Voice Is Divine
  10. Awake, Thou, O Sleeper
  11. Battle Cry Is Sounding, The
  12. Brightness of Heaven, The
  13. Broad Is the Opening Field
  14. By the Law Condemned to Perish
  15. Christ Laid a Golden Scepter Down
  16. Come and Follow Jesus
  17. Come, Let Us Praise the Savior’s Name
  18. Come, Look on the King in His Beauty
  19. Come Sit at the Banquet
  20. Come Stand Beneath the Bleeding Side
  21. Come to the Last Great Battle
  22. Crown of Thorns He Wore, A
  23. Earthly Ties Are Breaking
  24. Ever Let Thy Hand Be Busy
  25. Falling into Line, Boys
  26. Fight the Fight
  27. For the Troubled Waters Waiting
  28. Forth to the Fields, Thou Idler
  29. From the Wells of Christ’s Salvation
  30. Glance from Thine Eye, A
  31. Go Bring the Best
  32. Go in the Shepherd to Find
  33. Go Ye to the Woodlands
  34. Hail, Great Conqueror, All Hail
  35. Hark, the Cry Is Sounding
  36. Hark, There’s Someone Knocking
  37. Hast Thou Heard of That Wonderful Jesus?
  38. Hast Thou No Gift for Jesus?
  39. Healing Touch, The
  40. Hear Jesus Knocking at the Door of Thy Heart
  41. Heaven Shall Ring While They Sing
  42. Hold Up Thy Light
  43. Home in Those Mansions, A
  44. How Shall the Race Be Ever Won?
  45. I Have Fought a Good Fight
  46. I Have Found the Savior Precious
  47. I Heard Thy Voice Calling Me
  48. I May Not Have Silver Nor Gold
  49. I Would Follow Thee
  50. I’ll Go to My Savior Today
  51. I’ll Sing of a Wonderful Savior
  52. I’ll Sing When the Dawn Shall Brighten the Sky
  53. I’m Told That a Fountain Was Opened for Sin
  54. In the Broad Way Christ Is Seeking
  55. In the Strength of Jesus
  56. In the Way That’s Downward
  57. In This World of Burden Bearing
  58. Is Thy Brother Sad and Weary?
  59. It Is the Master’s Loving Hand
  60. It Will Not Be a Stranger
  61. Jesus, Blessed Savior, Guide Me
  62. Just Step Beyond the Shadows
  63. Keep a Light in the Window
  64. Let the Wide Earth Bring Her Tribute
  65. Like the Angels Pure and Holy
  66. Little Ones, the Flowers of Earth, The
  67. Lo a Gentle Hand Is Knocking
  68. Lo from the Desert Dreary
  69. Lo the Flames of Fierce Temptation
  70. Lo the Strong and Mighty Passions
  71. Lo the Zephyr Softly Breathing
  72. Look for the Lights, My Brother
  73. Lord, Thou Alone Canst Show
  74. Mid the Currents of Temptation
  75. My Boy Has Wandered Far from Home
  76. My Boy Is on the Street Tonight
  77. My Boy Is Out Tonight
  78. No Eyes to See the Fairest
  79. No Fruit for the Master’s Use
  80. Not Where the Work Is the Lightest
  81. O Bring Your Cares to Jesus
  82. O Children, Come to Jesus
  83. O Come to the Cross
  84. O, Fear Not the Waters
  85. O Gather the Golden Grain
  86. O Hear Those Gladsome Voices
  87. O How Fast They Gather
  88. O Joyful Is the Tribute We Would Bring
  89. O, Look Not Back
  90. O Many, Many Children in Zion
  91. O May I Bring Jesus My Sorrow and Care
  92. O Rejoice, O Rejoice
  93. O Say, Can You Tell?
  94. O Say, Hast Thou Looked?
  95. O Take the Lamp of Faith
  96. O Tell Me of Jesus
  97. O ’Tis the Hand of Jesus
  98. O to Be Like Him
  99. O to Behold the Day
  100. O to Follow Jesus Till My Steps
  101. O Weary Feet, You Walk Where
  102. O We’ll Meet, and Know Each Other
  103. O What of Thy Past Life?
  104. O What Shall We Bring to the Master?
  105. O Ye Who Follow Jesus
  106. Of All That Eager, Restless Crowd
  107. Oh, Freely Speak for Jesus
  108. On My Way to Zion
  109. On the Restless Waves of Passion
  110. On, Though the Way May Be Dreary
  111. On to the Battlefield, Forward
  112. Once He Was So Bright and Fair
  113. Once More We Meet
  114. Our Jesus Conquered Every Foe
  115. Our Savior Came to Tell Us
  116. Our Shortness of Vision
  117. Our Soldiers Well Drilled
  118. Over the Sinner Repenting
  119. Peace, Ye Troubled Water
  120. Portals Dark May Close upon Him
  121. Put on the Armor of Our God
  122. Rejoice, O Yes, Rejoice
  123. Ring On, Ring On, Ye Bells
  124. Ring the Bells
  125. Sadly, O Sadly, Today We Have Come
  126. Satan Cometh, War He Wageth
  127. Savior, Hear Us, We Pray
  128. Servants of Jesus, the Day Is at Hand
  129. Sinful Heart at Jesus’ Feet, A
  130. Sing Though the Way Be Dreary
  131. Sinner, So Thoughtless
  132. Speed Thee with the Message
  133. Star, Mid the Darkness, Guiding
  134. Steps Are Before Me, Dear Savior
  135. Stranger Voices Oft I Hear
  136. Striving at the Narrow Gate
  137. Take My Hand, Dear Father
  138. Tempest Tossed and Heavy Laden
  139. The War Cry Is Sounding
  140. There Are Eyes Forever Weeping
  141. There Are Jewels, Precious Jewels
  142. There Are Precious Promises
  143. There Is a Crown Preparing
  144. There Is a Mansion Bright and Fair
  145. There Is a Path Our Feet Inviting
  146. There Were Ten That Besought Him
  147. There Were Ten Who Stood
  148. There’ll Be Joy By and By
  149. There’s a Joy for the Soul
  150. There’s Much We Can Do
  151. They Are Coming on the Wings of the Morning
  152. Thirsting ’neath the Noonday Sun
  153. Though Fierce the Temptation
  154. Though Old Be the Story
  155. Though Plunged into Trials Appalling
  156. Though the Morn Scarcely Breaketh
  157. Though the Threatening Clouds
  158. Throw the Door Wide Open
  159. Thrust in Thy Sickle
  160. Thy Blood, O My Savior
  161. ’Tis Never Too Late to Be Sowing
  162. ’Tis Not the Gold That’s Mixed with Dross
  163. To the Highways and Hedges
  164. Toward the Mark My Feet
  165. Turn, O Sinner, Turn and Look
  166. Up the Narrow Heavenly Road
  167. Up to the Work Thyself Addressing
  168. Visit Us, O Precious Savior
  169. We Come to Thee, Dear Savior
  170. Weighed by Thy Love for Thy Brother
  171. We’ve Heard the Good Old Story
  172. When Lost in the Darkness
  173. Where Art Thou Steering, Brother?
  174. While I Journey Here Below
  175. While Struggling with My Sin
  176. Who Shall Enter the City?
  177. Who Will Be One of the Multitude Great
  178. Why Stand Ye Here Idle
  179. Will Jesus Find Us Watching?
  180. Will You from the Savior
  181. Wonderful Love, That Touched My Eyes
  182. Ye Cannot Buy Salvation
  183. Yonder a Vessel Is Breasting the Gale