Late 19th Century
  1. After the Like­ness of Je­sus
  2. Almost Thy Feet Have Pressed
  3. Amid the Swell­ing Cho­rus
  4. Anywhere, My Sav­ior, Lead My Will­ing Feet
  5. Anywhere, O Lord with Thee
  6. At the Feet of Je­sus Bend­ing
  7. At the Light­est Touch of Morn
  8. At the Sav­ior’s Bid­ding
  9. Awake, for the Voice Is Di­vine
  10. Awake, Thou, O Sleep­er
  11. Battle Cry Is Sound­ing, The
  12. Brightness of Hea­ven, The
  13. Broad Is the Open­ing Field
  14. By the Law Con­demned to Per­ish
  15. Christ Laid a Gold­en Scep­ter Down
  16. Come and Fol­low Je­sus
  17. Come, Let Us Praise the Sav­ior’s Name
  18. Come, Look on the King in His Beau­ty
  19. Come Sit at the Ban­quet
  20. Come Stand Be­neath the Bleed­ing Side
  21. Come to the Last Great Bat­tle
  22. Crown of Thorns He Wore, A
  23. Earthly Ties Are Break­ing
  24. Ever Let Thy Hand Be Bu­sy
  25. Falling in­to Line, Boys
  26. Fight the Fight
  27. For the Tro­ubled Wa­ters Wai­ting
  28. Forth to the Fields, Thou Id­ler
  29. From the Wells of Christ’s Sal­va­tion
  30. Glance from Thine Eye, A
  31. Go Bring the Best
  32. Go in the Shep­herd to Find
  33. Go Ye to the Wood­lands
  34. Hail, Great Con­quer­or, All Hail
  35. Hark, the Cry Is Sound­ing
  36. Hark, There’s Some­one Knock­ing
  37. Hast Thou Heard of That Won­der­ful Je­sus?
  38. Hast Thou No Gift for Je­sus?
  39. Healing Touch, The
  40. Hear Je­sus Knock­ing at the Door of Thy Heart
  41. Heaven Shall Ring While They Sing
  42. Hold Up Thy Light
  43. Home in Those Man­sions, A
  44. How Shall the Race Be Ev­er Won?
  45. I Have Fought a Good Fight
  46. I Have Found the Sav­ior Pre­cious
  47. I Heard Thy Voice Call­ing Me
  48. I May Not Have Sil­ver Nor Gold
  49. I Would Fol­low Thee
  50. I’ll Go to My Sav­ior To­day
  51. I’ll Sing of a Won­der­ful Sav­ior
  52. I’ll Sing When the Dawn Shall Bright­en the Sky
  53. I’m Told That a Foun­tain Was Op­ened for Sin
  54. In the Broad Way Christ Is Seek­ing
  55. In the Fie­ry Fur­nace
  56. In the Strength of Je­sus
  57. In the Way That’s Dow­nward
  58. In This World of Bur­den Bear­ing
  59. Is Thy Bro­ther Sad and Wea­ry?
  60. It Is the Mas­ter’s Loving Hand
  61. It Will Not Be a Stran­ger
  62. Jesus, Bless­ed Sav­ior, Guide Me
  63. Just Step Be­yond the Sha­dows
  64. Keep a Light in the Win­dow
  65. Let the Wide Earth Bring Her Tri­bute
  66. Like the An­gels Pure and Ho­ly
  67. Little Ones, the Flow­ers of Earth, The
  68. Lo, a Gen­tle Hand Is Knock­ing
  69. Lo, from the De­sert Drea­ry
  70. Lo, the Strong and Migh­ty Pas­sions
  71. Lo, the Ze­phyr Soft­ly Breath­ing
  72. Look for the Lights, My Bro­ther
  73. Lord, Thou Alone Canst Show
  74. Mid the Cur­rents of Temp­ta­tion
  75. My Boy Has Wan­dered Far from Home
  76. My Boy Is on the Street To­night
  77. My Boy Is Out To­night
  78. No Eyes to See the Fair­est
  79. No Fruit for the Mas­ter’s Use
  80. Not Where the Work Is the Light­est
  81. O Bring Your Cares to Je­sus
  82. O Children, Come to Je­sus
  83. O Come to the Cross
  84. O, Fear Not the Wa­ters
  85. O Ga­ther the Gold­en Grain
  86. O Hear Those Glad­some Voic­es
  87. O How Fast They Ga­ther
  88. O Joy­ful Is the Tri­bute We Would Bring
  89. O, Look Not Back
  90. O Many, Many Child­ren in Zi­on
  91. O May I Bring Je­sus My Sor­row and Care
  92. O Re­joice, O Re­joice
  93. O Say, Can You Tell?
  94. O Say, Hast Thou Looked?
  95. O Take the Lamp of Faith
  96. O Tell Me of Je­sus
  97. O ’Tis the Hand of Je­sus
  98. O to Be Like Him
  99. O to Be­hold the Day
  100. O to Fol­low Je­sus Till My Steps
  101. O Wea­ry Feet, You Walk Where
  102. O We’ll Meet, and Know Each Oth­er
  103. O What of Thy Past Life?
  104. O What Shall We Bring to the Mas­ter?
  105. O Ye Who Fol­low Je­sus
  106. Of All That Ea­ger, Rest­less Crowd
  107. Oh, Free­ly Speak for Je­sus
  108. On My Way to Zi­on
  109. On the Rest­less Waves of Pas­sion
  110. On, Though the Way May Be Drea­ry
  111. On to the Bat­tle­field, For­ward
  112. Once He Was So Bright and Fair
  113. Once More We Meet
  114. Our Je­sus Con­quered Every Foe
  115. Our Sav­ior Came to Tell Us
  116. Our Short­ness of Vi­sion
  117. Our Sol­diers Well Drilled
  118. Over the Sin­ner Re­pentving
  119. Peace, Ye Trou­bled Wa­ter
  120. Portals Dark May Close up­on Him
  121. Put on the Ar­mor of Our God
  122. Rejoice, O Yes, Re­joice
  123. Ring On, Ring On, Ye Bells
  124. Ring the Bells
  125. Sadly, O Sad­ly, To­day We Have Come
  126. Satan Com­eth, War He Wag­eth
  127. Savior, Hear Us, We Pray
  128. Servants of Je­sus, the Day Is at Hand
  129. Sinful Heart at Je­sus’ Feet, A
  130. Sing Though the Way Be Drea­ry
  131. Sinner, So Thought­less
  132. Speed Thee with the Mes­sage
  133. Star, Mid the Dark­ness, Guid­ing
  134. Steps Are Be­fore Me, Dear Sav­ior
  135. Stranger Voic­es Oft I Hear
  136. Striving at the Nar­row Gate
  137. Take My Hand, Dear Fa­ther
  138. Tempest Tossed and Hea­vy La­den
  139. There Are Eyes For­ev­er Weep­ing
  140. There Are Jew­els, Pre­cious Jew­els
  141. There Are Pre­cious Pro­mises
  142. There Is a Crown Pre­par­ing
  143. There Is a Man­sion Bright and Fair
  144. There Is a Path Our Feet In­vit­ing
  145. There Were Ten That Be­sought Him
  146. There Were Ten Who Stood
  147. There’ll Be Joy By and By
  148. There’s a Joy for the Soul
  149. There’s Much We Can Do
  150. They Are Com­ing on the Wings of the Morn­ing
  151. Thirsting ’neath the Noon­day Sun
  152. Though Fierce the Tem­pt­ation
  153. Though Old Be the Sto­ry
  154. Though Plunged into Tri­als Ap­pall­ing
  155. Though the Morn Scarce­ly Break­eth
  156. Though the Threat­en­ing Clouds
  157. Throw the Door Wide Op­en
  158. Thrust in Thy Sick­le
  159. Thy Blood, O My Sav­ior
  160. ’Tis Never Too Late to Be Sow­ing
  161. ’Tis Not the Gold That’s Mixed with Dross
  162. To the High­ways and Hedg­es
  163. Toward the Mark My Feet
  164. Turn, O Sin­ner, Turn and Look
  165. Up the Nar­row Hea­venly Road
  166. Up to the Work Thy­self Ad­dress­ing
  167. Visit Us, O Pre­cious Sav­ior
  168. War Cry Is Sound­ing, The
  169. We Come to Thee, Dear Sav­ior
  170. Weighed by Thy Love for Thy Bro­ther
  171. We’ve Heard the Good Old Sto­ry
  172. When Lost in the Dark­ness
  173. Where Art Thou Steer­ing, Bro­ther?
  174. While I Jour­ney Here Be­low
  175. While Strug­gling with My Sin
  176. Who Shall En­ter the City?
  177. Who Will Be One of the Mul­ti­tude Great
  178. Why Stand Ye Here Idle?
  179. Will Je­sus Find Us Watch­ing?
  180. Will You from the Sav­ior
  181. Wonderful Love, That Touched My Eyes
  182. Ye Can­not Buy Sal­va­tion
  183. Yonder a Ves­sel Is Breast­ing the Gale