June 27, 1809.

December 11, 1809, Leeds, England.

November 3, 1841, Hove, Sussex, England.

Daughter of John Marshall of Hallsteads, Ullswater, England, Julia married Reverend Henry Venn Elliott in 1833. Her hymns appeared anonymously in her husband’s Psalms and Hymns for Public, Private and Social Worship (1835), but in the index to the 3rd thousand (1839), her initials were added.

  1. Father, if That Gracious Name
  2. Father, Who the Light This Day
  3. Great Creator, Who This Day
  4. Hail, Thou Bright and Sacred Morn
  5. I Would Believe, but My Weak Heart
  6. My God, and Can I Linger Still
  7. O Not When o’er the Trembling Soul
  8. O Thou, Who Didst This Rite Reveal
  9. On the Dewy Breath of Even
  10. Soon, Too Soon, the Sweet Repose
  11. We Love Thee, Lord, Yet Not Alone
  12. Welcome to Me the Darkest Night