Early 20th Century
  1. All Sufficient Helper, An
  2. As Within the Master’s Vineyard
  3. Attention, Our Leader Commandeth!
  4. Battle Is Waging Against Sin and Wrong, The
  5. Be Ye Strong When Sorely Tempted
  6. Bring All Your Burdens to Jesus Today
  7. Bring Forth the Floral Crown
  8. Come and Follow Ye the Lord
  9. Come, March Along with Joy
  10. Come Out Bravely, Take
  11. Crimson Sinful Stains
  12. Dear Lord, I Do Believe
  13. Draw Me Still Nearer
  14. Each Blessing from God
  15. End Is Not Yet, The
  16. Fair Canaan’s Fruits Have Ripened
  17. For Victory Let Us Unite
  18. God Is Fanning Brighter
  19. God Is O So Tender
  20. Hark, the Merry Easter
  21. Hear the Church Bells Ringing
  22. I Belong to the Guards
  23. I Must Tell the News Around
  24. I Once Trod the Downward, the Dark Sinful Way
  25. I’ll Gladly Work, Dear Lord, for Thee
  26. In God’s Book We Read
  27. In That City Blest
  28. It Truly Is Marvelous
  29. I’ve Settled the Question
  30. Jesus, Anywhere for Thee
  31. Jesus Is My Star of Morning
  32. Jesus, My Savior, O Let My Life Be
  33. Jesus Put Within My Heart
  34. Just a Little Sharing
  35. Less of Self, More Purity
  36. Let Us Reason Now Together
  37. Like a Rushing Mighty Wind
  38. Lo, a Sinful Foe Against Us Stands
  39. Lord, Send a Mighty Current Like That We Read
  40. Lullabye, Lullabye
  41. My Heart One Day Was Very Sad
  42. O Be Ye Fearless Christian Youth
  43. O How I Longed Once for Rest on the Way
  44. O My Heart Was Deeply
  45. O Send Us, Lord, the Floodtide
  46. O Sing the Savior’s Worthy Praise
  47. O Those Sympathizing Hands
  48. Onward with the Banner of the King Divine
  49. Sinful I Come to Thee, Savior
  50. Sing a Song of Christmas
  51. Somehow the Cross Will Be
  52. Sorrowful Moments Which Once to Me Come, The
  53. Tell the World About the Loving Savior
  54. There Is a Circle Yet
  55. There’s Naught Can Separate
  56. Though I Am Tempted Oft
  57. To Know That Jesus Will Always Be My Guide
  58. We Are a Loyal Faithful Company
  59. We Are Under Marching Orders from the King of Kings
  60. What Peace I Have Found in My Savior
  61. When There’s Work to Do
  62. When We Meet Around the Throne of God
  63. When We Use Our Talents
  64. Who Are These That Drive Away from Life Its Shadows?
  65. With the Grace of God Within
  66. Would You Have That Inward Peace?
  67. You Have Heard the Blessed Tidings?