Early 20th Century

We have little data on Eller, except that he was a minister. He may have lived near Hudson, North Carolina: He was listed as a contributor to a 1922 song book published there.

  1. All Aboard for Glory
  2. Are You Lost in Night and Sin?
  3. Father Is Gone to the Kingdom
  4. For You and Me Awaits
  5. Hark, the Blessed Savior’s Calling
  6. Hungry, Distressed, Weary
  7. I Am on the Way
  8. I Long Was Tossed upon the Wave
  9. I Sometimes Wonder Where That Sweet
  10. I Soon Must Leave
  11. I Will Sing of Christ, My Savior
  12. I’m on the Way, I’m Saved at Last
  13. I’ve a Mother Up in Heaven
  14. Lost upon the Ocean
  15. My Sins Are Forgiven, I’m Striving
  16. O Poor, Lost and Dying Soul
  17. O the Pain That Jesus Bore
  18. O Thou Lord of Love
  19. O Wanderer on the Mountains
  20. Often I Wonder if in Judgment
  21. Praise the Lord, I’m Fully Saved
  22. Pressing Along I Am a Pilgrim
  23. Rouse, O Christians, One and All
  24. Sleeper, Awake, Arise
  25. Sweet Are the Promises of Jesus
  26. There Is Soon to Be a Meeting
  27. There Soon Will Come a Better Day
  28. There’s a Home of Love Glowing
  29. Though Now I Dwell upon Earth’s Shore
  30. Though the Burdens of Life
  31. To the Battle Field Now Forward Go
  32. Trials Often Mark the Pathway
  33. We’re a Band of Little Pilgrims
  34. When I Shall Stand Before the Throne
  35. When That Awful Day of the Lord
  36. When the Shades of Night Have Vanished