1860, Shuqualak, Mississippi.

December 3, 1909, Golden, Texas.

Bold Springs Cemetery, West, Texas.


Franklin’s parents were James Eiland and Sarah Ann Savage. In 1884, he married Mary E. Nisbett of Robertson County, Texas. After her death, he married Ella May Kennedy of Van Zandt County in 1894. Ella lived only 10 days after the marriage, and in 1896, he married again, to Minnie Jarushia Valentine of McLennan County.

In 1892, Eiland, with John Thomas and J. M. Greer, established the Trio Music Company in Waco, Texas. Four years later, he founded The Musical Trio periodical. Then, in 1898, he, Homer Elliott and Emmett Dean founded the Southern Development Normal music school in Waco; The SDN Theory of Music textbook came out of this effort. John Herbert & John Vaughan were among the teachers at the school, & the students included such songwriters as Tillit Teddlie. His works include:

  1. After All Thy Cares Are Over
  2. After It, Our Day of Sorrow
  3. After This Life Is O’er
  4. All Glory to Jesus
  5. All My Hopes of Heaven Are Brighter
  6. All the Wealth That Earth
  7. Alone, Alone in Gethsemane
  8. Are You Leading Precious Souls?
  9. Are You Mounted on the Pinions?
  10. Are You Now on the Road Leading Home to God?
  11. Are You on Sinking Sand?
  12. Are You Tired of Sin’s Delusion?
  13. As the Song of My Lips
  14. At the Hearing of the Summons
  15. Awake, My Soul, Awake
  16. Be Ye for the Master Toiling All the Day
  17. Beautiful Gleanings Bring
  18. Beautiful Lines of Life
  19. Beautiful Words of Life
  20. Behold the Crown upon His Brow
  21. Bravely Bear Your Burdens
  22. Bring Them to Him Who Is Able to Save
  23. By and By, Our Ship Will Anchor
  24. By and By, We There Shall Meet Them
  25. Can You Speak a Word for Jesus?
  26. Come Children, Let Us Learn Today
  27. Crucified Savior, a Now Risen Lord, A
  28. Dead in Christ Are Only Sleeping, The
  29. Dear Lord, in Honor to Thy Name
  30. Disowned, Opposed, Rejected
  31. Do You Want to Live for God?
  32. Don’t Go
  33. Don’t You Want to Be Ready?
  34. Endless Joys Await Us Yonder
  35. Ever More Will I, in His Love Confide
  36. Far Over the Valley and Mountain
  37. For the Brain That Is Ready
  38. For Him, My Lord
  39. Forward, Forward, in the Mighty Battle
  40. From a Life of Condemnation
  41. From the Cross to the Crown
  42. Glorious Gospel Train, The
  43. Go, in Early Morning, into the Harvest White
  44. Go Out in the Highways
  45. Go, Show to the Lost
  46. Go Tell the Glad Tidings to Sinners Astray
  47. God So Loved the Souls of Men
  48. Gospel Voice Is Sounding, The
  49. Grave Is Not Our Final Home, The
  50. Great Feast Is Ready, and You Are Called, A
  51. Hand in Hand the Field We Enter
  52. Hand That Can Save, The
  53. Happy, Happy Children
  54. Have You Fixed Adorning
  55. Have You Sought to Discern Its Condition?
  56. Have You Wandered Far Away on the Road of Sin?
  57. He All the Day Long Is My Joy and My Song
  58. He from the Bosom of God and His Glory
  59. He, the Blessed Son of Heaven
  60. He’s Coming Again
  61. His Death on the Cross for Sinners Like Me
  62. Hoping Will Not Be in Vain
  63. How Precious Is the Fountain
  64. I Am Happy Every Day as I Journey on My Way
  65. I Am Looking on by Faith, to That World
  66. I Am Not Ashamed to Own Him
  67. I Am Not Ready, to Choose Tonight
  68. I Am Now upon the Highway
  69. I Am Now Within the Kingdom
  70. I Am Thinking of the Cross
  71. I Can Never Cease to Love Him
  72. I Have a Home in a Beautiful City
  73. I Have a Home Not Made with Hands
  74. I Have Asked for His Grace to Sustain Me
  75. I Have Found a Full Salvation
  76. I Have Found the Shining Road
  77. I Have Started on My Journey
  78. I Know That Death Awaits Me
  79. I Know That I Am Born to Die
  80. I Love to Read and Think of Jesus
  81. I Want to Be Near Him
  82. I Want to Have a Crown That Day
  83. I Want to Work for Jesus with Willing Heart
  84. I Was Lost and Doomed to Die
  85. I Will Fear No More the Billows
  86. If Bright Shall Be My Crown Above
  87. If Fortune and Honor I Here Cannot Claim
  88. If, in Thy Heart Love’s Purpose
  89. If It May Be Truly Spoken
  90. If on Jesus I Am Leaning
  91. If the Angel of Death Should Knock
  92. If You Are Tired of the Ways of Sin
  93. If You Have No Friend to Cheer You
  94. I’m a Soldier in the Army of the King of Kings
  95. In Jesus I Have Found a Friend
  96. In the Scene of Calvary
  97. In the Sunlight of His Presence
  98. In Thy Love, Dear Lord, Dismiss Us
  99. Is the Road You’re Traveling
  100. Is There Heavy Weight of Care?
  101. Is Thy Path Dreary?
  102. Is Thy Soul at Peace and Waiting?
  103. Is Thy Soul Its Pardon Needing?
  104. It the World Can Never Steal
  105. It’s Onward and Upward to Glory
  106. I’ve Heard the Gospel Story
  107. I’ve Often Been Told of a Country Above
  108. I’ve the Glory of His Presence
  109. Jesus, I’m Clinging Ever to Thee
  110. Jesus Is a Gentle Shepherd
  111. Jesus Is Coming, a Glorified King
  112. Jesus Is His Grace Supplying
  113. Jesus Is Willing and Ready Today
  114. Jesus, My Savior, Promised That He
  115. Jesus Planned for Your Redemption
  116. Jesus the Lamb for Sinners Slain
  117. Jesus Whispers, Come to Me
  118. Jesus Will Deliver You
  119. Keep the Cross of Christ Uplifted
  120. Keep the Sweet Songs of Salvation
  121. King in His Glory Is Coming, The
  122. King’s Highway by Mortals Trod, The
  123. Kiss She Placed upon My Brow, The
  124. Lead Me, Blessed Savior
  125. Lean on His Arm
  126. Led by His Word to the Fountain of Life
  127. Let Every Heart Be Full of Praise
  128. Let Every Tongue Sweet Anthems Sing
  129. Let the Hand That You Know
  130. Let the Happy Sunshine of God’s Eternal Love
  131. Let the Happy Voices of the Children Dear
  132. Let the Life of Jesus in Thine Own Be Seen
  133. Lifeboat Is Sailing, The
  134. Lift Your Eyes, Behold the Harvest
  135. Light I Here So Long Have Sought, The
  136. Light of the Gospel Is Beaming Today, The
  137. Lo, the Golden Harvest Bending
  138. Look Away from the Cross
  139. Lord, Help Me to View Thee
  140. Lord, I Want to Live for Thee
  141. Lord, May My Each Ambition Perish
  142. Lord upon My Dreary Way, The
  143. Love That Calvary’s Cross Portrayed, The
  144. Many Though My Conflicts Be
  145. Marching in the Light
  146. Mid So Many Sorrows
  147. Mighty Hand of God, The
  148. My Heart and My Hand I Would Give Thee
  149. My Hope of Heaven
  150. My Load of Sin He Has Removed
  151. My Soul Now Has a Refuge Sweet
  152. My Soul, Thou Hast This Promise Sweet
  153. No More Wild Tempests Disturb Me
  154. No Peaceful Rest
  155. No Song Again, My Lord, Would Come
  156. O, a Glorious Light Is Dawning
  157. O Come, Kind Friends and Join
  158. O Glory Hallelujah
  159. O I Am So Glad That My Savior
  160. O I Want to Do More for My Savior
  161. O I Want to Live Nearer to God
  162. O It Is a Joyful Thing
  163. O Land of Everlasting Light
  164. O Land of Life, the Land of Love
  165. O Sinner, Stop
  166. O What Joy Twill Be Up Yonder
  167. O What Peace I Find in the Promise
  168. Oh! There Is a Time When the Message Will Come
  169. On the Way to Zion’s City
  170. On This Blessed Morn, Ye Saints Awake
  171. Once More the Message You Have Heard
  172. Onward, to That Cleansing Fountain
  173. Out from Sin unto Righteousness Lifted
  174. Out on the Glad Hills of God’s Glory
  175. Peace, My Weary Spirit Sings
  176. Peace Will Be Complete
  177. Preach the Gospel of Jesus
  178. Precious the Words of My Savior
  179. Pressing Are the Needs of the Harvest Time
  180. Put on the Whole Armor and Dread Not the Storm
  181. Put on Thy Strength, O Man of God
  182. Reaper, Reaper, See the Fields Are White
  183. Rich Possessions Are in Store
  184. Savior Abide Ever with Me
  185. Send the Tidings of Salvation
  186. Shall We Meet by and By
  187. She Used to Wear It Here
  188. Ship of Salvation Has Hoisted Her Sails, The
  189. Should All the World Forsake Me
  190. Since I Can Sing Redemption’s Song
  191. Since Jesus Did My Sins Forgive
  192. Singing a Wonderful Song
  193. Sinner, Friend, You’ve Heard the Message
  194. Sinner, Say, If God Should Call You
  195. Soldiers of Christ, Arise
  196. Song in Honor to Thy Name, A
  197. Song of Salvation I Ever Will Sing, The
  198. Songs to His Honor, Gather We Now to Sing
  199. Soul, Why Be Contented
  200. Sowing and Reaping for Jesus Our King
  201. Spotless Robes of White We’ll Wear
  202. Stop, Dear Sinner, and Think How Jesus Died
  203. Story of Jesus, The
  204. Sweet Are the Promises Found in Thy Word
  205. Take Jesus as Your Friend and Guide
  206. Taken Up from Deathly Sleeping
  207. That the Sinner Be Converted
  208. That Their Hearts with Gladness
  209. There Is a Friend, Who Is Faithful Ever
  210. There Is a Stream and Its Precious Flow
  211. There Is Mercy in the Hand of God
  212. There Is Peace and There’s Rest Complete
  213. There Is Perfect Heavenly Light
  214. There, I’ve Placed My Heart’s Affection
  215. There’s a Beautiful, Beautiful Land So Fair
  216. There’s a Home of Pure Delight
  217. There’s a Road That Is Broad and Inviting
  218. There’s Gloom and Sorrow in My Heart
  219. These Are God’s Peculiar People
  220. They’re Gone to Join the Throng
  221. This Is the Price That He Paid
  222. Though Far Away, You’ve Gone Astray
  223. Though I Have No Earthly Treasures
  224. Though in Forbidden Paths I’ve Gone
  225. Though Man Had Far Wandered from God
  226. Though Many Have Allegiance Promised
  227. Though Often I Have Wandered
  228. Through Struggles Hard, and Battles Fought
  229. Through the Early Dawn of Morning
  230. Through the Light of the Gospel Now
  231. Through the White and Waving Fields
  232. Thy Name I Here Will Ever Praise
  233. Thy Word Is Light unto My Soul
  234. Till We Meet at the Feet
  235. ’Tis a Crown of Endless Glory
  236. ’Tis Joy, for Me Beyond Compare
  237. ’Tis the Hand of My Lord
  238. ’Tis the Same Old Gospel Story
  239. ’Tis unto Thee, My Lord
  240. To Know That He Is There
  241. To Live for Thee, My Heart Is Fixed
  242. To Search Thou Art Exhorted
  243. To That Land of Peace and Plenty
  244. To That Land of Pure Delight
  245. To the Hand of Jesus Clinging
  246. Too Late
  247. Trusting in Jesus, Is My Insurance
  248. Trusting in Jesus, O Wonderful Theme
  249. Try On, Try on Though Worn and Weary
  250. ’Twas from Calvary That, It Came to Me
  251. ’Twas When I Was Lost He Came to My Rescue
  252. Upon the Cross Where Jesus Died
  253. View the Savior on the Cross
  254. Watch Thou, My Soul
  255. We Are Going to Abide with the Happy Glorified
  256. We Are Going to Dwell with Jesus
  257. We Are Marching On, to the Land of Light
  258. We Are Marching On, We Are Marching On
  259. We Are Only Privates Here Today
  260. We Are Sowing Seed for the Harvest Time
  261. We Are Struggling on to Canaan
  262. We Exalt Thy Name, O Lord
  263. We May All Outride the Tempest
  264. We Shall Gather at the River
  265. We Want Just the Same Religion
  266. Weary Worn, Pilgrim Now Sighing for Rest
  267. Welcome, Welcome, One and All
  268. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, One and All
  269. What Wonderful Love, at the Cross, I Can See
  270. Whatsoever Seed You Sow
  271. Whatsoever You Sow
  272. When I Am by His Side
  273. When I Believed, I Then Received
  274. When I, Thy Mercies Would Forget
  275. When My Soul upon the Billows
  276. When My Walk Is Close with Jesus
  277. When Sorrows Multiply Thy Woes
  278. When the Friends of Earth
  279. When the Gleaning Time Is Over
  280. When the Master Shall Call Us
  281. When the Saved of Earth Are Gathered
  282. When We All Called from Earth to Go
  283. Where Sorrow and Sadness Can Never Come Nigh
  284. Where the Blood Can Heal!
  285. While Moments Are Flying
  286. While the Endless Ages Roll
  287. Why Not Obey Jesus?
  288. With a Zeal That Is New
  289. Words of Jesus, May They Ever
  290. Words of Salvation unto You We Bring
  291. Would You Be More Like Jesus Each Day?
  292. Would You in That Meeting
  293. Would You Make the Run Successful?
  294. Yes, It Is the Power
  1. Ann Arbor
  2. Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand

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