March 16, 1848, Llanafon, in a small white-washed farmhouse on the borders of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, Wales.

February 28, 1929, Cardiff, Wales.

Cardiff, Wales.


From Pontypool Baptist College, Edwards went to Regent’s Park, graduated from London University, was a tutor at Haverfordwest Baptist College (1872-80), then returned to Pontypool as principal and tutor in New Testament Greek. In 1882, he was one of the chief promoters of University College, Cardiff (of whose council he was a member the rest of his life). He was one of the most active supporters of the move of his own college from Pontypool to Cardiff in 1883.

Edwards published many small books, and his translation of the New Testament from Greek to Welsh, Cyfieithiad Newydd a’r Teatament Newydd (four volumes, 1894, 1898, 1913 & 1915). In his denomination, he was an energetic administrator; he was chairman of the Welsh Baptist Union in 1906, and of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland in 1911. In politics, he was a liberal and liberationalist, and a notable orator. The University of Wales awarded him an honorary LLD degree in 1925.

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