Mrs. B. B. Edmiaston

Ap­ril 21, 1882, Kentucky.

Jan­u­a­ry 8, 1955, Coke County, Texas.

Fairview Ce­me­te­ry, Bronte, Texas.

Ella was the wife of Bernard Edmiaston.

  1. Are You Working?
  2. Do You Help Others?
  3. Go to Jesus With Your Sorrow
  4. God’s Stairway
  5. He Cares for Me
  6. I Am Thinking Today of the Far Away Home
  7. I Will Follow
  8. Jesus Sought Me When a Stranger
  9. Lift Me Higher, Blessed Jesus
  10. Look to Jesus
  11. My Faith in Jesus, the Solid Rock
  12. My Savior Know
  13. Savior’s Love, His Matchless Love, The
  14. Someone Is Following You
  15. Songs of Love
  16. Thou Alone, O Lord, Can Save