Sep­tem­ber 10, 1791, Wap­ping, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 7, 1867, Ho­mer­ton, Hack­ney, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

Edmeston was an ar­chi­tect and sur­vey­or by pro­fession. He served as the church war­den at St. Bar­na­bas, Hom­er­ton. He strong­ly sup­port­ed the Lon­don Or­phan Asy­lum, and vis­it­ed there fre­quent­ly.

It is said he wrote 2,000 hymns, one each Sun­day.

His works in­clude:

  1. Along My Earth­ly Way
  2. As Oft, with Worn and We­ary Feet
  3. Change Is Writ­ten Ev­ery­where
  4. Dark Ri­ver of Death That Is Flow­ing
  5. Come Sac­red Peace, De­light­ful Guest
  6. Eternal God, Be­fore Thy Throne
  7. Fixed up­on God as on a Rock
  8. For Thee We Pray and Wait
  9. Fountain of Grace
  10. God En­trusts to All
  11. God Is Here: How Sweet the Sound
  12. How Sweet the Light of Sab­bath Eve
  13. Is There a Time When Mo­ments Flow
  14. Lead Us, Heav­en­ly Fa­ther
  15. Light of Sab­bath Eve, The
  16. Little Trav­el­ers Zi­on­ward
  17. May We, Lord, Re­joic­ing Say
  18. Music, Bring Thy Sweet­est Trea­sures
  19. O Thou Whose Mer­cy Guides My Way
  20. Parting Soul, the Flood Awaits Thee
  21. Roll On, Thou Migh­ty Ocean
  22. Savior, Breathe an Ev­en­ing Bless­ing
  23. Sweet Is the Light of Sab­bath Eve
  24. ’Tis Sweet up­on Our Pil­grim­age
  25. Wake, Harp of Zi­on
  26. Welcome, Breth­ren, En­ter In
  27. When Shall the Voice of Sing­ing
  28. When the Worn Spir­it Wants Re­pose
  29. Why Should I, in Vain Re­pin­ing