May 21, 1823, Salem, Massachusetts.

July 26, 1896, Brooklyn, New York.

Eddy entered the Baptist ministry in 1846, and later attended Harvard College (MA 1855) and Madison University (DD 1859). He served pastorates in Lowell, Massachusetts (1846-56); Boston, Massachusetts (1856-62, 1864-71 & 1873-77); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1862-64); Fall River, Massachusetts (1871-73); Hyde Park, Massachusetts (1877-81); and Brooklyn, New York (1881-after 1888). In 1855, he served as a member, and as the Speaker, of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. His works include:

  1. God Is the Seamen’s Friend
  2. God of Nations, Let Salvation Sound
  3. Sailor Speed Thee o’er the Sea
  4. We Dedicate to Thee

Eddy’s burial place