Ju­ly 17, 1863, Beth­le­hem, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Apr­il 12, 1903, Banff, Al­ber­ta, Ca­na­da, of ty­phoid fe­ver.

Nis­ky Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Beth­le­hem, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Clarence was the son of Ja­cob Eb­er­man (who was born in St. Croix to mis­sion­a­ry par­ents).

He was ed­u­cat­ed in Mo­ra­vi­an pa­ro­chi­al schools, and earned his BD de­gree at the Mo­ra­vi­an The­o­lo­gic­al Se­mi­na­ry.

He was or­dained a Mo­ra­vi­an min­is­ter in 1884, and held pas­tor­ates in Cas­tle­ton Cor­ners, Sta­ten Is­land, New York; Brook­lyn, New York; and Lan­cas­ter, Penn­syl­van­ia.

At the time of his death, he was Field Sec­re­ta­ry for the Unit­ed So­ci­e­ty of Chris­tian En­dea­vor.

His works in­clude:

  1. Jesus, My King, with Thorn-Crowned Brow

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