July 8, 1637, Lüneburg, Germany.

December 4, 1676, Stettin, Germany (now Szczecin, Poland).

Ebeling studied theology at the University of Helmstedt. In 1660, he became head of the Hamburg Collegium. In 1662, he succeeded Johann Crüger as cantor of St. Nicholas Church in Berlin. In 1667, he began teaching music and Greek in Stettin. Ebeling worked with hymnist and poet Paul Gerhardt, and wrote music for over 100 of Gerhardt’s works. Ebeling also wrote about music history.

  1. Die Güldne Sonne
  2. Du Meine Seele, Singe
  3. Ebeling
  4. Nicht So Traurig
  5. Voller Wunder