January 1, 1875, Shelby County, Alabama.

March 17, 1957.

Mount Era Cemetery, Shelby County, Alabama.


Son of George B. Washington Dye, John married twice, to Lottie Pearl Farr and Georgia Ann Armstrong. He was educated in the public schools, and began teaching in 1893.

Dye attended his first singing school in 1896, and purchased a copy of Showalter’s New Harmony and Exposition. He was so eager to learn music that he worked out every exercise in the book without a teacher. In 1899 and 1900, he attended two sessions of John M. Bowman’s American Normal School of Music, receiving a diploma at his first session. He then attended a session of the Southern Normal Musical Institute at Thorsby, Alabama, in 1903, receiving a second diploma there. He began teaching music in 1900.

  1. By and By
  2. Go Proclaim the Story
  3. Hallelujah, He Is Mine
  4. Happy in My Savior’s Love
  5. Hear the Blessed Promise
  6. Savior Is Calling, The
  7. Song of Joy, A
  8. Thanksgiving Song
  9. We Shall Be Like Him
  10. Which Way Are You Going, My Brother?
  1. Never Turn Aside

Dye’s place of death