May 9, 1905, Chicago, Illinois.

June 15, 2002, at his home in Oak Park, Illinois.


Dunlop was educated at Central YMCA College, Chicago (BA) and the Moody Bible Institute (graduated 1926). He played the piano and organ at Moody Church (1921-24), and served as director of music at the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle (1926-53). Burton Bosworth was is father-in-law.

Dunlop wrote over 700 hymns and Gospel songs, and works including:

  1. Anchored to the Rock That Cannot Fail
  2. Anchored to the Rock!
  3. Come to the Living Water
  4. Dear to My Heart
  5. I Am Hiding in the Shadow
  6. I Believe That Jesus Died for Me
  7. I Believe the Answer’s on the Way
  8. I Find Contentment in His Blessed Love
  9. I Have a Friend Who Is Mighty
  10. I Love My Savior
  11. In Visions of My Soul I See
  12. Jesus Came Aknockin’
  13. Jesus Is the Sweetest Name
  14. Jesus Means Everything to Me
  15. Jesus Turned My Darkest
  16. Like a Shepherd Through the Night
  17. Longing, All My Heart Is Longing
  18. Lord, I Want a Shining Diadem
  19. Music in My Heart Is Ringing
  20. My Sins Are Blotted Out, I Know!
  21. O It’s Glorious, Marvelous
  22. O There’s Only One Way to Heaven, Brother
  23. O Why Not Crown the Savior King of Your Heart?
  24. Open the Door of Your Heart
  25. Rose of Sharon, Blooming Earth to Bless
  26. Songs of Joy the Love of Jesus Tell
  27. Soul with no Savior, Seeking for Refuge
  28. Storms Are Raging, Battles Waging
  29. There Is a Fountain Open for My Cleansing
  30. There Is a Name So Dear
  31. Though Many Trials Your Path May Befall
  32. We Are on Our Way to Heaven
  33. We Offer Our Praise to the Ancient of Days
  34. What a Wondrous Message in God’s Word
  35. What Matters Though the Clouds
  36. When My Lord Shall Call me
  37. When the Savior Comes
  1. Oak Park
  2. Only One Life
  3. Take Your Burdens to Jesus

Dunlop’s burial place