Ap­ril 26, 1814, Kel­so, Rox­burgh­shire, Scot­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 5, 1840, Cleish, Kin­ross­shire, Scot­land.

Kel­so Ab­bey, Scot­tish Bor­ders, Scot­land.


Mary was the daughter of Robert Lundie, Parish Minister of Kelso, and Mary Grey; sister-in-law to Horatius Bonar; and wife of William Wallace Duncan, Parish Minister of Cleish, Kinrossshire (married 1836).

Her hymns, mostly written for her children between July and December 1839, appeared in 1841, in her posthumous Memoir, by her mother; they were re-issued in 1842 as Rhymes for My Children.

  1. All Things Beautiful and Fair
  2. Jesus, Savior, Pity Me
  3. Jesus, Tender Shepherd, Hear Me
  4. Lo! Round the Throne a Glorious Band
  5. My Savior, Be Thou Near Me