1947, Washington, DC.

Duck’s works include:

  1. All the Earth Is a Temple
  2. Arise, Your Light Is Come!
  3. As a Fire Is Meant for Burning
  4. As Grain On Scattered Hillsides
  5. As Pants the Deer for Living Streams
  6. Call Is Clear and Simple, The
  7. Called by Christ, You Built On the Bedrock
  8. Christ Is the Truth, the Way
  9. Colorful Creator, God of Mystery
  10. Come and Seek the Ways of Wisdom
  11. Come Now, You Blessed
  12. Come, People of the Living God
  13. Come, Sing to God with All Your Heart
  14. Creative God, You Spread the Earth
  15. Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race
  16. Ghosts Are Walking!
  17. Give Thanks to God Who Hears Our Cries and Saves
  18. God, How Can We Forgive
  19. God, My Help and Hiding Place
  20. God, Replace My Stony Heart
  21. God, We Thank You for Our People
  22. Healing River of the Spirit
  23. Holy Wisdom, Lamp of Learning
  24. How Good It Is, What Pleasure Comes
  25. I Will Go Wherever God Calls
  26. In Christ Called to Baptize
  27. In Solitude, in Solitude
  28. Prayers
  29. Jesus Took the Bread, Daily Gift of God
  30. Lead On, O Cloud of Presence
  31. Living Spirit, Holy Fire
  32. Moved by the Gospel, Let Us Move
  33. My Hart Sings Out with Joyful Praise
  34. Now Bless the God of Israel
  35. Now I Have New Life in Christ
  36. Now Let Your Servant Go in Peace
  37. O God of Matchless Glory
  38. O How Deep Your Holy Wisdom!
  39. O Radiant Christ, Incarnate Word
  40. O Sons and Daughters, Sing Your Praise
  41. O Spirit, Spring of Hidden Pow’r
  42. Out of the Depths, O God, We Call to You
  43. Praise God, the Source of Life and Birth
  44. Pray for a World Where Every Child
  45. Rejoice in God, All Earthly Lands
  46. Remember and Rejoice
  47. Rooted and Grounded in One Loving Source
  48. Sacred the Body God Has Created
  49. Sleep, Holy Child, Now Hid Away
  50. Take Courage and Trust Your Creator and Friend
  51. The Earth and All Who Breathe
  52. There Is a New Heaven
  53. To God Compose a Song of Joy
  54. Walls Mark Our Bound’ries and Keep Us Apart
  55. Wash, O God, Our Sons and Daughters
  56. We Cannot Own the Sunlit Sky
  57. When God Restored Our Common Life
  58. When the Wind of Winter Blows
  59. When We Are Tested and Wrestle Alone
  60. When We Must Bear Persistent Pain
  61. Where the Waters of the Jordan
  62. Why Stand So Far Away, My God?
  63. Wildflowers Bloom and Fade
  64. Womb of Life, and Source of Being
  65. You Are Called to Tell the Story
  66. You Shall Draw with Gladness