20th Century
  1. As Body When the Soul Has Fled
  2. As Our Blessed Savior Went Away
  3. Behold the Wounded Side of My Lord
  4. Communion Sweet with Christ My Lord
  5. Fully Persuaded, Now I Believe
  6. I Am Delighted Jesus Invited Me
  7. Jesus Dwells In Humble Hearts
  8. Marching Right on, Facing the Dawn
  9. Often I Dream of the Future Above
  10. Out on the Stormy Sea with Jesus Guiding Me
  11. Since Jesus Came, O Praise His Name
  12. There Is No Name on Earth So Sweet to Me
  13. Trusting in the Holy Name of Jesus
  14. When My Heart Is Being Tried
  15. When Shall Come the Time for Me
  16. When the Evening of My Life Shall Come
  17. When Trials Meet You and Would Defeat You
  18. With a Contrite Heart I Sought the Lord