February 10, 1857, Jefferson County, Illinois.

June 7, 1918, Chicago, Illinois.

Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Driver attended Illinois Agricultural College and Boston University. He was ordained a Methodist Episcopal minister and served in Prairie, Illinois (as of 1880), and at the People’s Church, Chicago, Illinois (1902–07). He co-edited Songs of the Soul in 1885.

  1. Children, Children, Hear
  2. Glorious Work of Winning Souls
  3. Go Ask the Weeping Mother
  4. Good-Bye, No More on Earth
  5. Gospel Blue, The
  6. Have You Made a New Resolve?
  7. Ho! Sound the Tocsin!
  8. I Am Feasting on the Love
  9. I Feel It a Duty to Work for Him
  10. I Love Thy Holy Book, O God
  11. I’m Saved, I Am, I Know I Am
  12. I’m Weary, Lord and Long for Rest
  13. Jesus Is Born
  14. Let Us Gather in the Children
  15. Look at Your Loved Ones, My Brother
  16. My Summons May Come in the Morning
  17. O for Years, His Monster Evil
  18. O List, My Son, Give Me Thine Heart
  19. Only a Sister Pleading Tonight
  20. Precious Savior, Long in Darkness
  21. Precious Savior, Lord Divine
  22. Redemption Songs We Love to Sing
  23. Something to Do
  24. Songs of the Soul
  25. Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
  26. The Wave Is Rolling Far and Wide
  27. There Is Dawning a Glorious Day
  28. Weary One, O Rest Thee Here
  29. When My Little Weeping Child
  30. Who Can Cleanse Me From All Sin?
  31. Wonderful Story of Love