1826, Nottingham, Eng­land.

Ju­ly 2, 1914, New York City.

Green-Wood Ce­me­te­ry, Brooklyn, New York.

Dressler came from a musical family, his father having been court flutist for the King of Saxony. He graduated from the Cologne Conservatory of Music in 1847, and shortly thereafter played first violin at the Opera House in Wiesbaden, where he was later conductor.

He emigrated to America in the early 1850s as a solo pianist and accompanist to Ole Bull. After traveling several seasons with concert companies, he settled in New York City and taught, and composed. At one time, he was organist and choir master at the Fourth Avenue Pres­by­ter­i­an Church in New York, as well as playing at St. Charles Borromeo’s, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic church in Brook­lyn, and St. Peter’s in Jersey City, New Jersey, where he stayed 18 years.

Dressler was for many years musical editor for the publishing house of William Hall & Son & J. L. Peters. He married May Hyde of Norwich, Con­nec­ti­cut, and had three children, all musicians. His daughter Mathilde was a cellist, and his son Louis R. Dressler was organist and music director at the All Souls Unitarian Church.

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